Should I replace the handles on my Alma?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I just posted this on "show me your patina clubhouse" but I realize I really want to hear more opinion on what I should do with my 10yr old Alma handles.

    I love the deep patina on the Vachetta but the handles are uneven. I tried to condition it already but still one of the handle feels brittle and darker than the other. I called the boutique last night to get a quote and the price is not too bad and I'm suppose to go today except I'm a little concern of how long it would take for the handles to patina deep enough that it don't look so off. I already thought out how to speed up the process by covering the bag and leaving the handles out in the sun to bake. Thought of putting conditioner too to hopefully deepen the color but am worried to go that direction. I don't want to mess it up :nogood:
    Should I go ahead and replace the handles or in your opinion the handles does not look too bad. Would really like to hear your opinion!
    Also for those of you who had this done, what did you do to speed up the patina process and are you happy you did it? If you have some pics I would love to see it. I just need some reassurance I guess before I do it :P

    Here are some pics... you can see how deep the patina is on my Alma sitting next to my new Speedy B ;)

  2. OMG NO! NO! NO! The patina is sooooooooooooo Pretty!
  3. I would but it looks nice either way
  4. the handles are lovely...if they were black and dirty like some that I have seen I would say replace but, they are clean and well tanned so keep.....GL
  5. No!
  6. Thank you guys :hugs:

    I took a closer pics of the handles so hopefully you can see what I mean with the un-eveness and if you guys still thinks it's ok then I will keep her the way she is and I will stop obsessing w/ the handles :biggrin:

  7. No I think it looks great! If the patina was black dirty I'd say yes but the darker patina is so pretty. It will look oddly mismatched if the bottom is the original and the handles are new.
    If you really can't stand it, have you considered selling it?
  8. That was my next option but I'm still not sure. DH wants me to hang on to her ;) So I am really enjoying her now and using her everyday for the last 2 weeks :graucho:
  9. The patina looks so perfect! But I think it would look nice either way
  10. I wouldn't replace the handles - then the handles would be white, and the rest of the vachetta on the bag will have that lovely honey colour.
  11. Nononono :biggrin:
  12. Id, say no, I hate the look of mix matched vachetta.
  13. I personally wouldn't but I completely understand why the handles are bothering you. I would be worried too about the bottom matching the handles as well.
  14. No, the patina is GORGEOUS!:smile:
  15. No. The patina is very even on the handles. Don't change it unless it is black or dirty.