Should I replace my Saleya MM handles with the longer ones? (LONG)

  1. OK, here goes...

    How much do you think it would cost and how long it would take to replace the handles on the Saleya MM to the new, longer ones? I'd love the length now if I were to use it only as a handheld tote or carried it on my arm. It fits on my shoulder fine, but with a coat on, the outer handle doesn't stay up and I find that I hunch up my shoulder to try to keep it up there and it really isn't good for my back and neck (my chiropractor hates it!!).

    I love my Saleya but I'm just a bit bummed that the salesperson didn't tell me (or didn't know) that they were getting the new versions in a few weeks. I had told her that I was considering the GM because it had the longer handles and she just said that she didn't like it because it looked like luggage and that the MM I was holding was the last they were going to have in stock for a while. :s

    I only discovered the fact about the new handles when I noticed that the Azur MM's handles looked longer in photos so I called 866 to inquire about it and they told me that the handles of the Damier MM were indeed shorter but were in the process of being made with longer ones. They would be in the stores in a few weeks (at the time of the call). I guess I could have returned the bag and waited for the new one but I really hate returning things. And since I'm only 5'4", I thought that the shorter handles were better for my height since the bag's bottom hits me in the right place. Also, since the bag actually fit fine on my shoulder, I didn't think it would be a problem. But lately, my neck and shoulders have been killing me!! :sad:

    I'm just wondering if replacing the handles would even be an option since the Damier handles are virtually indestructable and LV probably hasn't had to change any yet! I tried an Azur MM in the store last week and the bag was really more comfortable and looked a lot better with the longer length handles. Plus there's room to hook your thumb on the handle (like I do with most shoulder bags).

    One option is to give the bag to my mom since she likes my Saleya as it is since she would carry it as a tote/handheld. But she actually preferred the PM and is going to get one of those anyway. My other option is to just carry the bag as a handheld or on my arm and just hope that they come out with a Damier Lockit Horizontal soon!! :graucho:

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! ;)
  2. It sounds like you are unhappy (duh!) with your shorter handles. I think the best thing to do in your situation is to give your bag to your mom who love it as it is and get yourself a new one with the longer handles. It will make you feel good to make your mom happy and you'll have the bag you really want. I've never sent any bags for repair, but I've heard it takes a long time. I have no patience for waiting, so my vote is always for the faster solution!
  3. I'm no good at waiting either. That's why I won't do a special order for a Damier Mezzo or Damier LH (if they would even do it!). Thanks for your reply! ;)
  4. I am sorry that happened to you. Why don't you call your boutique to see if it can be done and how much it would cost? It may not be as bad as you think.
  5. Is it possible to return your bag and get the newer one ?
  6. there are two sizes??? I had no clue...
  7. I would explain the story at your store and ask them what the possibilities are
  8. Give it to your mom and get a new one. You will never be happy otherwise. Although, I have heard someone get new handles on other bags for a fairly reasonable price.
  9. Just to give you an idea on how long things like this take, my step daughter called the 866 number yesterday to find out about changing the straps on a looping bag and they told her it would be between 6 and 8 weeks
  10. You've already discussed on your previous thread expressing your unhappiness that the SA didn't clue you in on the newer version with the longer handles. Since your mom loves your Saleya I would give it to her instead. It's really too much of a hassle to wait for replacing longer handles besides being deprived of your much loved Saleya MM. Buy the newer version with the longer handles.
  11. That's a good idea!
  12. beana90, angelastoel, twinkletink: Thanks. I'll give my store a call to see if they even have the new ones in! :yes:

    TexasGirl, lulilu, pinkiwhatever99: Thanks! Giving it to my mom and buying the new version would be the best option except that she's definitely going to get the PM (she likes the size much better because she is tinier that I am) and she said that the MM may just sit in her closet! :s

    Bag Fetish: I got my Saleya in December so I wouldn't be able to return it even if I hadn't used it yet. Thanks, but I waited too long to start hunching up the shoulders!!! ;)

    LVpug: Yes, the original MM's have shorter handles, maybe similar to the PM (I'm not sure). The Azur MM came out with longer handles similar to the GM length, and then LV decided to start making the regular MM with the longer ones. Those are available now.

    Nishi621: 4-6 weeks??? Ugh!!! :nuts: Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for your help everyone! :love:
  13. Hm, how about selling that one and buying the new version? I know you would not get the full price but maybe it evens out because to replace the handles would cost something as well?
  14. Hi Londonholly!

    That's a good idea too -- but I'm hearing horror stories that eBay is pulling LV auctions left and right because eBay says the real bags are fake? This drives me nuts because there are obvious fake bags on there that they leave alone and they pull the ones with AUTHENTIC bags!!

    My bag looks absolutely brand-spanking new even though I've used it and I could definitely get a good price for it. I'm just not sure if I am ready to deal with eBay again!! (I bought a Balenciaga bag years ago which turned out to be a super-fake and by the time I realized it was fake [I was new to both Balenciaga and buying bags on ebay, so I didn't know any better] it was too late and ebay couldn't help me because the seller was NO LONGER AN AUTHORIZED USER by then. (This is why I don't buy anything from ebay and only buy LV products from boutiques and elux!)

    Oh well, I can still use the bag as a tote if I don't get the handles replaced. My mom is getting the PM, so giving it to her is no longer an option because she won't use it. And, she is the type of person who will just give things away if she doesn't use them so my beloved Saleya would probably end up with one of her friends' kids!!! :wtf:

    Thanks so much for your reply!!! :smile:
  15. I am a bit late on that, sorry!
    What I am normally doing is that I sell a bag through a dress agency-yes, you would get far less money, but you do not have to deal with ebay. The other option is, I know that from Germany, do not know how or if this is done in your country; give it to an agency that is listing products for you on ebay, they are dealing with everything and get some of the money-maybe that would be an option?