Should I repair my Speedy?

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  1. I purchased this preloved speedy roughly 2 years ago and it has the most gorgeous honey color patina. For a 21 years old bag the bag, it is in perfect condition with even patina. However one of my concern is the zipper pull. I noticed the vachetta leather seems to be cracking and the metal and the vachetta part is separating.

    I visited my LV store a week ago and bought in my speedy for repair and they quoted $30 for repair and I left both of my bags for repair. (I also sent in my vanilla speedy 25 for repair for the same price.) Anyway, it been a week now, and an another SA called me today and told me the even color of the patina is so nice and she insists that I shouldn't get it repair. I'm debating if I should get repair now. I have read stories that the new vachetta leather will catch up with the rest of the leather and I heard sunbathing is good idea, and much more.

    What do you think?

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  3. I think it looks great as is.
  4. I was debating the same thing on my speedy as well - the leather pull feels very thin. I'm glad to see it's only $30 to repair!
  5. it looks fine to me....I wouldn't do anything now
  6. :hrmm: My heart tells me to keep it as it is... but I think the pull will worsen over time and why don't I get done now since I will need to fix in the near future. The patina will darken eventually. Hahas I wished they could replace the pull with the same patina of the rest of the bag.
  7. I bought a strap for my Delightful 2 weeks after I got the bag. The strap's patina hasn't caught up even after two years of use. Sunbathing was included in this process. I wouldn't do anything to your tab. Just condition the leather a little.
  8. Can you send me a picture with your delightful and the strap? Appreciate it!!!
  9. I'd get it replaced so you can enjoy it for more years to come.
    I'd also sun tan the pull only in front of a window every day when I'm not using it and when I use it, it'll get sun on its own. I think eventually it'll get caught up to the rest of the bag since it get touched the most.
  10. I'd leave it as is and maybe condition the leather as it looks rather dry.
  11. I don't see anything wrong with it at all. :shrugs: And I thought they replaced those for free.
  12. Do you have the option to replace everything ?
  13. I would leave it as is, condition the leather, and replace the entire leather pieces down the road.
  14. I would leave it.
  15. I would leave it alone.