Should I repair my Neverfull bag?

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    Do you guys think I should get it repair? I only have this bag for only 2 years and the leather had already became this. This was my first LV and I never took care of it and I used it everyday. Do you think I should get it repair? How much would it be? Also how do you remove pencil or pens marks on the bag?
  2. I know its hard to remove pen marks..try it with cotton swab with alcohol but just be careful of spreading it further ( that is if the pen mark is in the fabric dont try in the vachetta) ..if it was your first bag just keep could just buy a new one in damier ebene this time...

  3. I think it's beautiful the way it is. Vintage and well loved. Get an Ebene bag next
  4. Do you think it's much better to get new one rather repairing it and think will cost. More, might as well but imo
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    Hahas I actually bought one for my birthday but recently I realized the checkers on the side aren't parallel to each other and I called them and they told me it was within their standard... I'm am so mad of myself for not checking :cursing::storm:
    I only used the bag once and i kept it on my shelf for over 7 months now.
    But the other side is fine though...
    Also I don't know if it's me but the strap seems wrinkles to me....
  6. I regret not taking care of it and plus if I get it repair I'm scared it will end up like this after a year or two... I also bought another one in ebene.

  7. Mine is the same, I too didn't realise until I got it home. I don't even think about it now 😊
  8. BTW the checkers on the side aren't parallel to each other ,
    thal is normal for LV.
  9. Take a gum rubber and rub the vacchetta careful, not too much pushing,
    leather is very fine.
  10. If it was my bag and it leaned to end up in the trash can anyway, I would have tried this first: Buy matching leather dye in a "leather shop" and gently color all the vachetta. And then I would treat it with some moisturizing agents.

    Unfortunately the stitches will be colored in the same color as the leather but the overall look of the bag would be healthier. I have tested this on the horse's saddle and it became almost as good as new. :smile:
  11. Do you have a bagspa nearby that you can send your bag in for cleaning? If you don't, walk in to LV and ask for the available repair options you have?
  12. You can take your bag to a lv store and ask how much it will cost to replace te vachetta. I had 1 strap replaced (the one to make the bag smaller) that costed me 75 euro's for the neverfull mm
  13. I would buy a new one!
  14. +1. I don't think there's much hope for that interior, even if you get the vachetta replaced.:sad:
  15. That's what I was thinking too. I will keep it as it is. But for my Ebene NF, I will treat it as my baby :biggrin: I even bought an expensive bag organizer to prevent any stains marks and holding it shape. Thank every one for the advices.