Should I remove the tassels and replace them with a zipper pull?

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  1. Has anyone ever removed the tassels on their zippers and replaced them with a zipper pull? Having just gotten my hands on a lovely Twiggy, I'm still getting used to using the zippers of the main compartment. I find that it is not so easy to zip it up and worry that my hard tugging on the tassels will eventually break them.

    And so I find myself considering removing the tassels and replacing them with a more hardy zipper pull. I am reluctant to do that, however, because I do so love the look of the tassels cascading down the bag.

    Can you please share with me your solutions or compromises for with your zipper-tassel problem?

    Thank you!
  2. You should try it out - it's true that pulling the bag zippers open and closed with the tassels gets some used to. you can always reattaching them. make sure you note carefully how to tie them; it's kind of distinctive looping that lets the leather lie somewhat flat. you can also attach additional pulls in addition to the tassels or tie the tassels on the rings of the bag instead.
  3. I added some juicy charms to the zipper on the front pocket of my bags, I haven't tried it for the zipper on the main compartment though. I was also concerned with the tassels starting to weaken.
  4. I know most people love the tassels and consider them to be Bal's trademark but I was never a fan of the look. The first thing I would do with a new Bal was take off the tassels and replace them with zipper pulls. I always saved them and would replace them if I wanted to sell the bag. The good news was that the tassels were always in great shape for resale. :smile:
  5. I would rather see someone use a zipper-pull (or Juicy Couture Charm) than seeing someone cut the tassels which de-values the bag! Just make sure that if you do take them off, keep them in a ziploc or other type of bag .. inside the purse so that they don't get lost. Believe it or not, "purists" (like myself) don't like it when the bag is "messed with". If you don't have all the parts, it immediately brings any resale value right down.

  6. I did this to my Twiggy, as all the tassels were split. (I bought it pre-owned in near-pristine condition, except the split tassels.)
    May sound like heresy but the tassels are the only part of Bals I'm not entirely fond of - might be the fact that they're only glued together, sorta "unfinished". Also my cat likes to chew on them, once i pulled out half a yard of her mouth, with the bag attached to the other end - it was like neverending, i was seriously wondering if it popped out of her rear end?? :weird:

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  7. OMG~ How did you do that??? It looks so good! Well.. never mind a step by step tutorial, I can't keep up also.
  8. To answer your question OP, yes. I did removed the tassels on my black City and replaced with some black zip pullers I obtained from my small leather pencil case (not Bal). Here's a picture of it. Like CeeJay said, I'll not want to tamper with the original tassels~ when I sold the bag, I put the tassels back on.
    Now that I have a bleu mineral City and the tassels have split and 3 split tassels are really too much too busy for me so I removed the tassels on the front zip pocket and replaced with a brass color charm, my City is a RH. You may have to try removing 1 or 2 tassels and try on a few charm to get the look you want.

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  9. Thanks! It's very easy, just google 'four strand round braid' for tutorials - i think some of them explain how to do the little "ball" knot at the end too.
    Mind you, it works best with split tassels and i wouldn't recommend anyone to split their tassels for it! But if they're already split, then it's worth give it a go.
  10. Ok, I have an update for you. I added a juicy charm to the zipper for the main compartment on my 2008 city (the tassels really are starting to fall apart) and it works beautifully! Good luck!
  11. friponne nice look for your tassels
  12. Thanks.. I tried a 4 strand braid on my BM split tassels and it was a disaster.. I gave up, let along to do a round braid~ but I love the ball knot~
  13. I think it's all about doing what you enjoy unless you have major concerns about affecting the resale value. Perhaps you could put a zipper pull on one of the zippers and then attach the tassels on the other zipper so that they still cascade down the bag--then just use the size with the zipper pull to zip the bag open/closed.

    I have a City from 2007 when they used to give you "extra" tassels so I went ahead and snipped the tassels to a length that I prefer. I know that there are those that would be "horrified" that I did this but I think it's my bag and I should do as I wish to it. I know that I'll never sell the bag so I'm happy with my decision and haven't regretted it!
  14. Very very pretty! If mine ever split I will have to learn to do this. I like the tassels actually...that's part of what got me into RH bags.
  15. Wow got some really nice ideas from you ladies, thanks

    I have been afraid to buy a RH Bal due to the tassels. Though i love the look, am afraid those tassels will get in the way when im on the move.

    I can begin searching for another Bal in RH now :graucho: hee