should I refund or hold firm??


Feb 1, 2007
Sold my Balenciaga 2006 Truffle coin purse, sent out pronto, and the buyer sends me this:
i am the buyer of Balenciaga coin purse. I received the bag today, unfortunately, it is well-worn item, not like you stated as "almost like new" condition. I request full refund including my shipping fee. If you do not agree to refund my money, I will send my request including the pictures to paypal to open a case.

Here is my listing:

Even though I stated at least 3 times that this is final sale, I know buyers usually win with ebay/Paypal. Is it worth standing firm on no returns? I mean who is to say she won't damage this precious little gem and say it was messed up (it was not -- it was totally pristine and wonderful, inside and out, exactly like my pictures in listing). I don't think she understand the nature of vintage Chevre Balenciaga. Any advice here? I HATE buyer's remorse!!!!


Jul 20, 2008
It's totally up to you really! The pictures look good to me very well taken care of! If she opens a case she is probably gonna win, you could try and fight it! Seems like the buyers are winning in these cases. Even if they ruin the items or don't even ship back the real item. Ebay is getting pretty sad lately. If it were me I would refund. What ever you choose, good luck!!

Sorry to hear this has happened to you!!



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Dec 2, 2006
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Have her send it back to you and state that it must be in the same condition as when you sent it, take a camara and open it at the PO , taking pics to document the whole thing, tell her that it must be in the same condition as you ebay pictures and that you will refund , the auction cost, but not shipping.

It sucks that this is happening to sellers more and more. So sorry that it is happening to you.


Apr 11, 2008
OMG this is the same situation as I am in right now! don't you hate it when buyer has buyer's remorse and treat us(sellers) like a retail store? in my case, i will accept return but with stocking fee (think that would scare them away).Good luck on your decision.
Nov 24, 2006
I don't think there is any chance for you to win, to be honest, if you choose to stand firm. It's almost a 100% possibility that Paypal will side with the buyer in these cases, and that's the primary tool with which buyers abuse sellers these days. From the way the buyer writes it already sounds like she knows how to play the game.


Mar 27, 2007
She can send it back to you within 60 days, and have a chance that Paypal will side with her. It is very frustrating for sellers lately.

So, in the interest of saving myself that aggravation, I would tell her that if she is willing to do a mutual agreement to cancel sale, I would refund her the full amount, minus my shipping. If she is unwilling to do that, you will have to pay fees to ebay and paypal, and those will come out of her refund. Your item was very much "as described."

Keep a record of all her correspondence. Your listing and photos were clear and detailed. If she files a snad, you may actually win. The rules state something like, on used items, minor blemishes, etc., are not considered 'significantly not as described'. Someone just posted the exact phrasing somewhere on this forum. This is getting to be so common.

I've just blocked the last person who did this to me.

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Sep 22, 2007
Its up to you really, I am not sure she would win a Paypal case as a used item is a use item. If you want to end the hassle though, you could refund. It looks good to me in the pic, that kind of leather improves with age.


Jul 17, 2008
If you have plenty of pics of the product and you ring Paypal now to let them know the situation i think you will have a good chance of winning.

Email her back saying you have lots of extra pics of proof of the condition the coin purse was in and that you have sent them to Paypal. So she can send her claim in if she likes but will be unsuccessful. She might not even bother - plus paypal claims wont refund her the shipping anyways.


Nov 17, 2006
Shame on some buyers! Your CP is in wonderful condition judging from the pics, and she has the nerve to send you that email, and for that amount of cash! Some people should NOT be allowed to buy on ebay, and this is clearly a case of buyers remorse which is unbelievable IMO seeing she got the CP at a bargain! I cannot tell you what to do...I guess if it wasn´t a case of her probably winning a dispute I´d gladly take a neg for such a redicolous thing...future buyers will see that you were not in the wrong here! I will block her from my auctions, thanks for posting! Good luck!



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Mar 28, 2006
Montgomery, AL
Really your only option is to have her send it back to you. Once you get it you can refund her the amount you want. I wouldn't give her back her shipping charge for buyer's remorse, and you might want to even charge her a 20% "restocking" fee. I don't think she would be very successful filing a paypal claim just to get that and the shipping back. ;)


Apr 18, 2006
Obviously this buyer has no experience with Balenciaga. If I were you, I'd let her return but no refund for shipping on both ways. And, I will block her also. I am sorry this happened to you. Hug...


Mar 18, 2008
First off, I would try explaining to her what the vintage chevre looks like even when it's brand new and suggest that she go to a store near her that sells balenciaga just to compare the coin purse with the other items and see if that does not satisfy her. A lot of people, particularly those who have never owned balenciaga before don't realize that it already has a "vintage" look to it, even when new. From the pictures, it looks to be in amazing condition, and if she decides to buy one later from a department store, she's going to end up paying a lot more for basically the same thing she just got.

Unfortunately though, issuing a refund might just be best for you in the long run. Buyers can get away with pretty much anything these days.


May 3, 2008
Chicago, Illinois
Hi mmmsc,

I think you should hold firm-I had to call paypal about a similer problem, they will check your auction while your on the phone and if the pictures and measurements are good, they will tell you if there is a case or not. They also take the buyers number of feedback in account.

Please keep us posted!
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Feb 1, 2007
Thanks everyone for all the good advice and support.:heart::heart:. I have not heard from her again, but I am sure she is planning something dire. Do you think I should contact Ebay before she files something? She hasn't filed yet to my knowledge (no holds on PP or notices from ebay.)She may just send it back and not even contact me again? I mean the coin purse is exactly as described, unless the fiend has damaged it herself of course. I don't see how she could have a case, but I do know that ebay is generally thought to side with the buyer these days.I really HATE this kind of stuff...well, at least it was only a coin purse and not a B bag.With all that has happened on here, I feel pretty lucky (so far):yes:
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