Should I reconsider?

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  1. I was going to try to purchase a patent Tribeca off ebay. Now I am a little worried with the reports of cracking. I really wanted it too. Would you take the gamble?
  2. I'm assuming you live to far from an outlet or your outlet hasn't gotten any of these. Otherwise, I would definitely try to find an outlet or department store that has one. At least if something does happen to it, you'll have peace of mind. Do you have any friends that could check their outlets/department stores for you? Some of the ladies have been fortunate enough to have a few of the outlets even do a charge send for them. Maybe someone will chime in.
  3. I actually live by an outlet, but they do not have any and they haven't. I have checked several Macys and Nordies without luck too. I just love that bag and I am sad/worried that it may have problems. Then I tell myself that not all of them will crack. . right? *sigh*
  4. I was considering buying either gold patent or navy tribeca , but now I am not sure....
  5. I think the cracking issues were just with the patent bags. I was going to purchase a berry patent, but was also too worried about the cracking issues. I'd go with a leather one and you shouldn't have any issues.
  6. I say go ahead and get it. If the bag does crack for some reason, Coach will honor the warranty regardless of where it was purchased from, so long as it's authentic.
  7. I also wanted to get a patent Tribeca (gray). Instead I opted for the patent petrol Zoe since I have not heard of any cracking issues on them. The only way I would get a patent Tribeca is at an outlet, in case there is problems, but I highly doubt my outlet has any.
  8. I agree with this. And also, not every bag is a dud. We are likely only hearing mainly from people who've had the issue. I'm sure there are many more people who have not had the issue, KWIM?
  9. I'm weary of it...too many reports of problems. It's a gorgeous bag though.
  10. If it is a bag that you Really are after, then I say get it...Coach for the most part stands behind their bags.Who know's, it could end up having No issues at all.You just have to decide if you want to take the chance!!!!Good Luck no matter what you chose to do.
  11. I would buy it and if it breaks I'll take it to coach like they advised you to.
  12. I just bought it. :happydance: I am going to just assume all will be just fine. :smile:
  13. Good for you. Can't wait to see the reveal.
  14. Good fo you and it will be just fine..Make sure to post pic.s when she arrives...
  15. Where exactly is the cracking/peeling happening at?