Should I rain/stain treat my new MAM?

  1. Should I use any kind of weather protector on my MAM before I use it? Do you prefer the rain/stain spray by AppleGarde or Wilson's leather (or something else?)?
    How about a leather conditioner/cleaner like Apple care?
    Never had a bag that cost this much before and Im scared to wreck it lol
  2. A lot of us use Appleguarde and it works great. :smile:
  3. There are already a few threads on this Sukey. Try searching for them before posting a new one.
  4. ^^ I did do a search, several actually (using different key words). It seems like there were differing opinions.

    I posted b/c I wanted to see a few things:
    --if anyone who treated before was now wishing they hadn't (or visa versa)
    --any new products that someone has recently tried
    --any issues with the treatments that I should be careful about

    I always search before I post but sometimes I can't find the answers I'm looking for.
  5. I haven't sprayed any of mine but I do use LMB protectant before using. I'm always afraid that I'll dry the leather out with the sprays, but in reality they probably don't.

  6. I agree the other threads don't offer the info I'm looking for either^^ would love to see some of the answers from people who have treated their bags.
  7. I was gonna spray mine tonite and I am getting nervous with all these threads!!

    I have the Appleguard...I hope nothing bad happens.
  8. I treated my MAM a few nights ago with Wilson's Leather spray (non-aerosol). It was the first time I've actually treated a bag, so I made the novice mistake of spraying it too close -- so there are a few small dark spots where the liquid sort of ran down the bag. I'm not too paranoid about it (and I'm pretty sure that they'll disappear once I start using the bag more), so it doesn't bother me. There was no other discoloring or any of that.

    BUT -- I would say the best advice I've seen here is not to spray too close (do whatever the instructions say and spray from something like 12-16 inches away). And do two coats (dry between coats) for the first time so you can make sure you cover the bag.

    They really should design these bottles better so we can spray our bags effectively without either spraying too much or being paranoid that we haven't sprayed enough!

  9. I agree with Icy; I know pretty much all of us are all always happy to help but I also feel like I personally have answered this question so many times; it feels like one of those questions we answer here almost every day, lol. I don't mean this in a mean way, just to say that it might help to get more responses if next time you find a related thread that already exists and bump it up to add your additional questions. That way we can all see what we have answered already and we don't have to repeat ourselves but can add the extra info you are looking for in the context of what has already been said. :smile: It just makes it easier on those of us who try to help by answering, and it will also probably help you by getting more responses, too.

    As I have said, I use both the Appleguarde conditioner and spray and both work great. I condition the bag first and then spray it before I ever take it outside. I have never had a problem with any of my RM bags after doing this, although on my Botkier bags the color tends to rub off occasionally so you should always patch test first in a non visible spot. I have never had color come off on RM bags though. It works great.
  10. I used Wilson's on my black MAB, I got caught in a rainstorm this week & the water wiped right off.