Should I Put My Coach Bags on Ebay?

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  1. i am completely in love with LV and i really don't want to carry anything else. after a speedy no coach can compare. so do you think i should put my coach bags on ebay. i have about 5 or 6. one of them i paid $500 for!!! i didn't know at the time that for only $175 more i could of had an LV. i don't want to be a fool anymore so what do you girls think????:s
  2. OMG..i'm totally on the same boat as you. Good luck if you put yours up on ebay..I don't know what you'll get for them though. Luckily I only have 3 coach, and don't really like one of them.
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  4. sell them all! =]
  5. I just listed a few of my LV's so I can purchase a few new....I hope Ebay comes out good for us both.....:yes:
  6. Yes, definitely list them if you're not going to carry them! Its just going to gather dust in your closet! I sold all my Coach bags on ebay and I'm glad too.
  7. Good luck on e-bay. What I did was posted mine for sale on a local forum here in our city. At this time of year, you may be able to get more from somebody in your town. A woman who lives just a few miles away from me saw my post and bought all of my bags for her daughers for Christmas. We met at a local shopping center and made the transaction. I didn't have to worry about shipping them or wait for payment since she paid me cash. Good luck. LV is so much better than Coach for your money. Plus resale on lv is greater, too.
  8. once i switched to LV, i sold all my coach purses on ebay..because the ones that i had were i nearly got all my money back...i do agree that once u switch to LV it's hard to go back to the loved ones...i still think that coach has nice designs..but i'd like to keep my collection more "homogenous"..if u know what i mean...i do still think coach's nice..but i just prefer LV..
  9. I would sell them all on ebay and then use that money to buy another LV :graucho:
  10. i think i'm going to list them all this weekend. 'cause i am not carrying them at all. i hope i get at least $600? $1000 for them all? i don't know....
  11. i gave away all my coach bags and i don't miss them. definitely sell them if you know you are not gonna use them!
  12. Sell them. You won't miss them. I didn't miss mine since I'm too hooked on LV.
  13. yeah!!! down with coach!!! i'm gonna sell them all!!!

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