Should I put Apple Garde on my Poppy Sapphire spotlight?

Mar 25, 2010
Hello all,

I bought the Poppy Sapphire spotlight over the weekend. It's a beautiful bag.

With all the snow that we've been having, I'm hesitating to bring her out. I'm just wondering if I should be putting the Apple Garde on it or if the leather has been treated. I usually only put the Apple Garde on the vachetta of my LVs, but I have never had a metallic leather bag.

What do you think? Should I?

TIA :biggrin:
Aug 2, 2006
Don't hold me to this , but I think I have read on here that you are not suppose to treat metallic leather with anything. I do Apple my LV's and have my Coach leather bags but not my metallic bags. Maybe some one on here that has treated theirs will tune in and help. Try doing a search on metallic leather/bags because I am sure I have read that you are not suppose to. Any ways... CONGRATS on a GORGEOUS bag!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


Jun 13, 2009
Are you talking about the spray? I get confused on the names.
Well, I've sprayed everything. Even my metallic Ali, the suede one. I've seen no adverse reaction. But I know some won't touch the leather with it but I've done it all. :smile:
Mar 25, 2010
Apple Garde is the spray. Thanks for the advice, it does say in the care card not to treat it with anything. I know even my LV SA tells me not to treat the vachetta, but I'm a hand lotion junkie, so can't take the chance with untreated leather.

Thanks for the advice, I will do a search in the forum

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it (the Canadian one was in October).


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Jun 12, 2009
I have a legacy tote in that metallic blue and I Apple moisturized it and Apple Garded it. I use that stuff on everything and so far so good. Good luck!