Should i purge my chanel purses?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am sick of my closets overflowing with clothes, shoes and purses that I hardly wear and have been meaning to do a closet purge for some time. Since I've been putting this off for some time, I thought I'd start by purging my most expensive items first to the consignment store to give me some motivation to carry on. I have 4 Chanel purses currently, of which I've barely used any of them :shame:

    I am thinking of purging my beige distressed medium just mademoiselle and burgundy patent seasonal jumbo flap. I don't use them because I find them a little too small for my everyday things, and I have shied away from using Chanel to work. I would lose about 30% of what I paid at retail. My other purses are a black lamb jumbo and maxi respectively, but even though I don't use them much either I figure they're classics and I'll try to make an effort to use those. As for the JM and seasonal flap, they are gorgeous though and everytime I try to take them for consignment, I fall in love again and can't bear to and then pack them back into my closet. Help! What should I do? I worry that I will regret getting rid of them as they are seasonal colors and I got really good prices on them before all the insane price increases. Then again they are just deadweight sitting in my closet and the money would come in useful to pay off some of my bills.

    Could you give me some advice please? Thanks!!
  2. I would purge just the jm and keep the others. Two classic blacks and one burgundy is perfect small collection. I just recently purged two chanels that I never used w/tags and kept the ones I do use...
  3. I would keep them all. Chanel is Chanel and I'm afraid you will regret getting rid of any of your bags, especially when you love them so much. Only because you haven't used them as much it doesn't mean that you won't one day. Good luck, I know it's not easy..
  4. I agree. :P
  5. Me three! Start using them and you'll know they were meant to be kept.
  6. I personally think bags are just bags! Unless they hold sentimental value...I would suggest getting rid of the ones you don't wear at all. You said you've been wanting to get rid of them for some time...I say do it!! :yes: The rule for myself is: if I don't remember it unless I see it, then I don't love it all that much.
  7. I am starting a wardrobe purge and feel so much better, having sold 3 bags this week. I have found that I have more space and dont really miss them! Will carry on.
    If you dont use them then let them go to good homes, the money will come in handy for bills etc. ;)
  8. I would get rid of seasonal bags and only keep the classics or get rid of ones you don't use.
  9. You should get rid of the ones you don't wear. Since they are not being put to use, you don't have any real desire to wear them and will not miss them.
  10. i would definitely keep the classics and purge the JM. i've purged (love that you used this word, btw!) several bags and found myself in deep regret. i did this with my lamb maxi and went out a bought another.

    if you are going to sell via consignment, i would definitely shop around and get quotes. i've sold on ebay and through several online consignment shops, and while ebay has yielded better returns for me, there are some consignors with great rates so the difference is marginal.
  11. I know what you feel as I also have lots of unused (with tags) clothes, bags, etc., which I don't think I'll ever use. Though, I would keep the Chanel bags, they are mostly timeless. I recently started using a Chanel tote that stayed almost unused for years in my closet. :smile:
  12. I agree! I got rid of a few that I wish I had now ;-(
  13. I am curious, how long have they been sitting unused? If it is less than two years, hang on to them as your style ideas may evolve and change. You may fall in love with them again. However, If you are carrying ANY credit card debt, I would suggest that you sell off the the few you like the least and put the dollars toward paying down any debt you might have. If finances are not an issue, start slowly and just sell one and see if you have any regret. If you feel fine in letting go of that one, keep proceeding slowly to clean out your closet. I too have dozens of unused beautiful chanel bags that I have not been able to bring myself to part with.... Good luck with your decision!
  14. They aren't a "classic" for you and your style if you're not using them! I don't regret any purges - since there were reasons I wasn't using the bags or other things. New and better things come out all the time. And if you have bills why not clean things out? I got rid of a hard to get Hermes item and I have zero regrets!
  15. Hi, pls advise the consign or you use, some are pretty pricey. I have a few bags to purge, thanks.