Should I purchase this...?

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    Now, I really want a Ciao Ciao, but I'm running low on money, so the most I can spend is $100 (meaning SH is out of the picture). I saw this, but noticed the ink on the inside, and I dunno...the outside is pretty though. Should I still buy it...? I think the outside is darling...not too happy about the
  2. i was watching that same bag...nobody will look at the inside of the inner pocket but you.
  3. I saw that...that's the same person that sent (tokidokiangel?) a bag w/ the writing and holes on the inside...or they think that's the person's second eBay ID. IDK, it if you want...I think really it's up to you if you want markings and possibly holes in your bag. Other than the markings it looks all right though...
  4. i recognized the inside of that bag too. make sure there are no holes!
  5. The inside looks faded and wrinkly to me, maybe it has been washed? :confused1: you may want to double check that!
  6. The seller has only 3 feedback (or it's the new ID for the same seller who sold PinkPeony her awful CR Ciao Ciao), they don't accept PayPal... and they say they will leave the same feedback you leave... thereby intimidating/blackmailing people out of leaving a negative when deserved.

    It's your choice, but there's a LOT of red flags on this.
  7. good catch, jessika! i was looking at that bag too, but i'm kinda particular so i'd constantly worry about the writing inside.

    if it fits your budget well enough that you don't care about the ink, then go for it. make sure you message the seller and tell them you want to be able to return it for a full refund inc. shipping if you aren't satisfied.
  8. ahh yes pinkpeony posted about this seller on another thread .. same seller that sold her the bad citta rosa bag with a new seller ID. I say be careful and be aware that problems existed with this seller before.
  9. This sure seems like a new fake ID -- I checked the seller's feedback and all three items she bought were about $1 -- obviously she just did that to get some positive feedback and not have zero. This bag presumably came from the same discount outlet as the CR ciao ciao with holes in it that she sold previously, so this one may have the same problem.

    To me, the fact that the seller changed ID's and won't accept paypal is a huge red flag. If she doesn't accept paypal, there's no paypal protection, so if you're unhappy with the bag you'd have to resolve it through your credit card company (good luck with that!). And obviously negative feedback is no real threat, because she'll just get a new ID.

    Why not post on the shoptokidoki forum and ask if anyone there has a gently used ciao ciao they'd sell for $100?
  10. Wow.. I was looking at this Ciao Ciao too... Didn't know is the same seller that pinkpeony got her CR Ciao Ciao..
  11. I wouldn't get it =/ Based on everyone else's opinion of the seller, and the writing on the inside of the bag... it's not worth $100. Save your money, and you'll get something better soon~ :3
  12. I wish Cozy-Little-Shop didn't have such a huge mark-up... she has a beautiful Foresta Ciao Ciao listed, but $50 over retail + $15 shipping, OUCH!
  13. That retarded forum refuses to accept me! I read the thing, made the post I was suppose to, and they still denied me! Four times! It's a little ridiculous! D:<!
  14. did you read the rules? i got rejected twice..but you gotta read the rules throughly..theres something you need to post...
  15. I read the rules, yeah, I posted. ;~; They're just evil. ._.;;