should i purchase this miu miu bag?

  1. saw a few miumiu bags at the store today,unfortunately no more coffers would be brough it so i had my eyes on this design instead. leather is really soft & comfortable just that i tot it looks kinda plain but is real roomy for school. comments pls? thanks!
  2. Hmm.. I would have to see this bag on someone. I don't love it or hate it - it's not particularly my taste though. Do you know how big the bag is?
  3. are you planning on putting books in it or mainly to haul your agenda, pencil case, lunch, etc?

    I can't really tell from the picture, but the bag doesn't look like it could fit much more than 1-2 texts? plus you'll lose some room from the "drawstring" plus you wouldn't want to put too much rigid stuff in it or else you'll loose that "smooshy" effect the bag has going for it.

    I think the design is nice and classic (same with the colour), but if it's a Coffer that you reeaaallly wanted... is there some alternative place you think you could locate one? Would your store be willing to bring one in from another location?
  4. If you really want the Coffer, then I don't think you should "settle" for this one. Perhaps you could order online, or have the bag sent in from another store? I'm ambivalent about your second choice. How much stuff are you going to put in the bag?
  5. Don't settle! If you do that you'll never be happy with it
  6. Agreed!
  7. I also agree, don't settle for a bag you aren't 100% lovin! :yes:
  8. I also agree. Don't settle, wait until you can get what you want.
  9. thanks girls! yea,i think shouldn just buy for the sake of buying too. (: but does any of the forum girls have this bag that can share?
  10. hey, i don't have this bag, but saw it IRL recently. i have to say altho the leather feels great and is relatively lightweight (it will fit a lot too), it didn't 'speak' to me enough. mind you, i was all set on getting it when i went to the shop but decided not to eventually 'cos it just didn't appeal to me enough.
    the coffer is def a lot more chic.