Should I purchase this bag or is it too trendy?

  1. I went to the Gucci store in Boston this past weekend and reeeally like this bag. I put off buying it because I'm not sure if it's too trendy. I know mettalics are in this season but I want something I'll be able to carry for awhile. What does everyone think??
  2. i like this bag a lot but if you're worried about the metallics being out of style soon, i would get this bag in the regular leather. the bag is just as gorgeous in the non metallic IMO.
  3. I don't think the trend factor matters...get it if you love it and think you'll wear it regardless of what's in or not...know what I mean?

    Good luck! Love the hardware regardless...
  4. Hmm. I understand what your suggesting, to me its very glam and smart looking. It depends whether you could carry it off in a casual sense and whether you'd be confident enough to do that. If you like it alot then theres no reason to avoid buying it :smile:
  5. Metalics like leopard is always "in". Buy what you love !!!
  6. I think metallic color makes it interesting, I think it's great.
  7. I'd have to agree...But you have to buy what you love....regardless....It is a smart loking bag....Good luck!!
  8. I don't really care for metallics. But that is just me. Buy what YOU like you are the one using it.
  9. I love it.
  10. I really like it too.
  11. I loooove this bag but for me personally I would buy it in another colour. The metallic and gold bags are "in" today but in a year of so it's something else that's "in". Then you stand there with your expensive bag ...
    I would regret it if I'd buy such an expensive seasonal trend. but that's just me, heh ...
    But I think it's a very nice bag :smile: !
  12. Its super nice!! I would buy it I had a lot of money and it didn't matter. I am on a budget so I have to consider many things before I make such a big purchase. I had been drooling over a couple of metallic bags but didn't do it because I can only afford to buy about one purse a year...:crybaby: My thinking was that metallics have been in for a little while now and I'm afraid they'll be out soon.

    Good luck!
  13. Oh gosh, i wanted this bag so bad when it just came out. i think its a great bag but I do have the same concern as you thats why I did not buy it. Worry that the metallic trend will end. But the gold actually seems more neutral than lots of the silver metalic bags i see.

  14. ITA!!!!
  15. I really like this bag alot!!