Should I purchase in Paris or London? First Chanel help!

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  1. Hi ladies, I am wondering if it will be cheaper to buy Chanel in Paris compare to London (without VAT refund), because I heard Chanel in both places kinda price match now, is it true?
    Could you ladies give me some advice on which colour to buy for this gorgeous WOC please, I am thinking black or red, anyone has this WOC? Could you give me some advice on the leather and the colour?

    WOC joey.JPG
  2. From my experience, I think that they have "leveled" out the pricing and you need to look into both the tax refund, as well as how your currency is exchanging compared to the local currency to really see where you will get the better deal!
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  3. I am looking for this one in either black or red. You can't go wrong either way.
  4. Original store in France just for the experience? Would make your purchase extra special :smile:
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  5. I don’t think there’s a huge price difference so if you find a bag you love, you should get it!
  6. If you can find it, get it. It would be such a shame to wait to purchase, only to find out that the place you want to purchase in, dont have the bag.
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  7. I have purchased from both recently and the prices are very slightly cheaper in Paris due to the low conversion rate of the euro. For example, I bought a medium flap two weeks ago in London. With the exchange rate and VAT refund, the price was approximately $130 more expensive in London than Paris. However, I saved almost $1000 rather than buying it in the states. I wouldn’t focus so much on where it is cheaper London vs Paris because either way it’s much less than the states. Find the piece you love and enjoy the experience! Hope this helps!
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  8. I'm flying over to London and Paris too few weeks later. But I'm going to buy small flag with top handle. Can you advice how much %VAT if make purchase in London?
  9. It is in a tier system ranging from 12-18%. For a small flap (3810 pounds), I believe the VAT range is 10-13% back. For example, I purchased the mini coco handle for 2850 pounds with 475 pound tax refund at Selfridges (16.67%). However, when you go to the refund counter at the airport they take a small percentage. In addition, if you choose to get the refund in cash the exchange rate they give you is less than your american bank would. (I usually take cash on the spot because I would rather give up $50 than not get my refund in 6-8 weeks via credit card...which does happen and is a HUGE hassle). After doing the math (I am obsessive about this), my VAT refund ended up being 11.72%, although could have been as high as 13.5% if I had gone the credit card route.

    All in all, on my coco handle I saved around $735 (I included the state tax on the $3700 price tag in my calculation). I also purchased a medium flap and after the calculations saved almost $1000 on that. Hope this helps and happy shopping!
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  10. Thank you so much. That's great info. I would love to buy a coco handle in london if I can find it there. As im not sure about whether I can still claim vat if I purchase it in Paris and travel back to london for flight by eurostar. If I can just buy it in london, much convenient.
  11. Since London is the city you are flying home from from you can still claim VAT on purchases made in Paris. It doesn’t matter where in Europe you buy, you claim VAT at the exit city.
  12. You can only claim your VAT refund the day you leave the EU and it doesn’t matter how many countries you traveled to before. Last year I claimed my entire VAT refund in Ireland on departure for purchases from 3 different EU countries. I would recommend just buying your bag as soon as you see it. When I got my light grey coco handle it was the day the 19p collection was launched and they sold out of them at that Chanel that very day. Inventory goes pretty quickly in Europe! Btw let me know if you need a contact in London, I might still have the info somewhere of the SA’s that helped me at the Selfridges and new bond street locations.