Should I purchase a Gucci twirl watch?

  1. Does anyone have a Gucci twirl watch? I've only seen pictures online but I think they're really cute. Does anyone have one? Or have an opinion on them? thanks!
  2. ;) it's a really nice watch, doubles as a watch and a bangle... I have the wide version and a lot of people really notice it whenever i wear it.
  3. oh! yes definitely purchase one, i have the thinner version, and people always ask me about it. however, i do notice that it does scratch easily --> so i have to be really careful with it.
  4. i love love my twirl watch
  5. thanks guys!! One mroe question...I noticed on teh Gucci website it's around 800 for the watch. Do they sell it anywhere else, the Gucci website seems to be a bit pricier than other online retailers or stores.