Should I purchase a cles? (MC or vernis POLL)

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What should I do? :)

  1. SAVE for an EMPRIENTE bag!

  2. Black MC Cles

  3. White MC Cles

  4. Pomme vernis Cles

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi everyone!

    While I've been waiting for the empreinte collection to launch (which I have no idea when it will be), I have been thinking of feeding my love of LV with other items..

    I'm thinking of purchasing my first cles/key pouch in pomme vernis OR a MC in either black or white. I think I would like to use this as a bag charm, but also to put some extra cards into. - I'm also worried about the durability of MC VS vernis as its use on a cles (MC I've herd about chipping)

    So please help me decide what to do! Should I purchase a cles while I wait for the empriente bags to launch (and if so, which type of cles should I get)? OR should I just patiently wait and save money for the bag?

    Your help would be GREATLY appreciated! :P
  2. Pomme Cles!!
  3. Pomme cles Discos is so cute :smile:
  4. Thanks for the fast replies ! :smile:

    Disco - your pomme looks great on your galleria btw!
  5. get the pomme!
  6. Hmm I love my black MC cles, but I just ordered a pomme one today. Sooooo, I don't know which one to pick! I love cles. :biggrin:
  7. Pomme, I love mine!
  8. Pomme! I love vernis.
  9. pomme cles
  10. More polls please! :graucho: - looks like pomme is a majority ?
    I think I may be passing the store tomorrow...!!! hehe (not sure if its the best idea though!)
  11. I would save for the bag. I purchased a cles and turned around and swapped it for the Damier T&B Mini Pochette the next day. For me, there was just no use for it.
  12. I would say Save for the Bag.. but since it's probably not coming out anytime soon (maybe early 2011), I voted for Pomme cles... or any other Vernis colour that catches your eye.
  13. I love my vernis cles, definitely get the pomme cles!
  14. Vernis cles!!
  15. White MC. It's less likely to chip if you are using it as a charm.