Should I purchase a 3rd MC speedy?

  1. Currently I have the MC speedy in black and white. Would it be crazy for me to purchase a second black MC speedy?

    Reason: One of my girlfriends has decided to sell her black MC speedy which her ExBF purchased for her. They were together for 2 years, recently broke up as she found out he cheated on her. I told her to keep the bag, its gorgeous, but she wants to sell due to the memoires. She stated she will sell it to me for for well under a $1000. I need opinions as I was sort of hoping to get the cabby this month.
  2. hmm that's tough because that's a GOOD deal. would it bother her if you decided to resell it? cause i personally wouldn't have a use for 2 MC speedies of the same color.
  3. if it's a great deal and you'll still be able to get your cabby, why not? but if you are gonna have to give up the cabby, I say stick with purchasing the cabby instead.
  4. NO! You can use that money to buy the cabby or something else to add variety to your collection IMO
  5. Can I ask what you would do with TWO black MC speedies??
    If you plan to resell it, I say do will make a profit,
    but if it will sit in your closet....don't!!
  6. If you're going to resell it then definitely go for it! If it's just for your use, then don't. There really isn't any need for 2 of the exact same purses especially if you're going to get the cabby.
  7. I could still get the cabby but was trying to pace my spending and purchase no more than 1 bag a month. She knows I already I have two speedies but figured she would pass on an amazing deal to me as she knows how obsessed i am with LV. The bag is near mint condition and was just purchased last Dec. I really don't think she will care if I sell it later down the line, but we really have not talked out it.

    I really don't have any use for a second black speedy but for $650 its really hard to pass up. What is keeping me from purchasing is, it I tend to buy things just cause they are on sale, then never use. I am torn.
  8. I agree. No need to double up on bags, that would be a waste. Go for the Cabby.
  9. I wouldn't get it UNLESS you plan on re-selling it for profit. :yes:

    Otherwise, there is really no point of having 2 bags that are exactly the same.
  10. I would buy it as a gift for someone, or to pass along a deal to someone, but I think having two black speedies is a waste.
  11. yeah, I was trying to talk myself in buying it, but really it would just sit in my closet. I think I am going to pass.
  12. I'll save up the money to get a Cabby instead since it's already in your mind to get it ;)
  13. i would save the money and get the cabby sooner
  14. i wouldn't get two of the same bag no matter how good of a deal it was. i would put that money towards a cabby.
  15. LOL Tell her I'LL buy it for $650!! ROL, no really, buy it and resell it, or sell yours!