Should I pull the trigger on the reissue 225?


May 17, 2014
Good Evening,

I am a few stops away from ban island and I cannot make up my mind to pull the trigger. I want to add a Chanel reissue to my collection and always looked at the 226 black ghw as the option. I actually purchased it back in May but exchanged it for the Chanel Chevron black with ghw (I love this bag) photo of my Chanel bag collection
ImageUploadedByPurseForum1448923371.889174.jpg .

I told myself that I would look for a pre-owned reissue in great condition because I did go abit crazy during my birthday month in May. Fast forward a few months and I started looking at the reissues but I knew I needed to save up to make this purchase without using credit and my goal was to do so by the end of this year if possible.

I went in NM asking about the reissue 226 and they didn't have the black with ghw but they had the 225. I never thought about that size as an option. I tried it on and fell in love. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1448923266.611983.jpg .

I've been searching online for a 225 black with GHW, it is very hard to find. They were some options on eBay but I got a little scared about spending that much money on eBay even with buyer protection plus some came without the authenticity card and were from several seasons ago. I am also concerned about the new repair policy so I don't want to buy a bag that won't be serviced if needed. I have the money to purchase a new one. All of sudden I'm getting cold feet about spending the money. Also the 226 keeps coming back to mind and I'm getting distracted by a great sale on Saint Laurent Sac de jour[emoji12] the other bag on my list before my ban island trip.

Havanese 28

May 4, 2014
The Reissue is my absolute favorite Chanel, and the 225 in this combo is gorgeous. This bag looks fabulous on you! I would most definitely add it to your lovely collection. I seriously doubt you'd ever regret this bag.