Should I presale this?

  1. This shoe in the wristlet fabric is available for 20% at the F&F event next week. I can presale it Monday, would have today but wanted to holla at my girls here:P before I do. I'm guessing this is a department store exclusive:

    I basically have blue and white nike shox and my adidas track shoes which I wear to death and are kind of like that shape. So was thinking of getting "dressier sneakers" like these:
    Q149_d2.jpg 40277_B4BR_d2.jpg
  2. I really like the browns! And that wristlet is gorgeous!
  3. Very cute, but I would never actually wear those to work out!
  4. I love the shoes and the wristlet is gorgeous!
  5. They are so cute.
  6. yay! those are both very cute.. I have the beaded wristlet in berry from a couple of seasons ago, and im totally inlove with it!!
  7. so cute, go for it!
  8. I own the black ones and I love them. I wear them with my velour pants and jackets!
  9. The wristlet is gorgeous! :love:
  10. I'm not crazy about the wristlet...but I saw the shoes at nordy's yesterday and they are gorgeous!
  11. **I meant to say the shoes were in the wristlet print.
  12. no matter how cute Coach shoes are in imho they are not comfortable and they offer little to no support

    and I'm sorry fashion is not worth pain
  13. actually, they're pretty comfy. i have two pairs of the kate sneakers (and the ones you're talking about aarti! you HAVE get em!!!)
    but they're obviously not meant to be worn when working out, etc. but they rock for walking around campus!
  14. i have a pair of kate sneakers and i love them. they're the most comfortable shoes ive ever worn!!!
  15. Thats exactly what I was planning to wear them for, or to the mall.

    And if they were painful, thats good because then I'll leave the mall faster...not.:P