Should I plan on getting a first, is it "worth" the try...?

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  1. Getting ready for christmasvaccation this question comes up again since I realised that I don't have a "going out b-bag"...

    Should I plan on getting a first?
    Lost weight so I think it would look ok now on me but is it worth it?
    I see so many on ebay and a lot of you who had one seem to have sold it.

    I think a bright one like the french blue would be nice in the size but then isn't that color rather a color for during the day so either a potential hobo or city color?

    Now a black first sounds kind of boring especially since I would eventually like to get that too in the city with pewter:P :P :P .

    What are your "first" experiences?
  2. I've got a '05 first in black and have never used it (prefer my black city more). and since you're looking for a black city with pewter, then I'd say pass on the black first.

    for your nights out, what's your wardrobe color like? maybe it's easier to decide on a color for your first this way? Mine's usually black, and if I were getting a first, it'll have to be a bronze or vermillon/RV.
  3. Catcat,
    I was up in SF last weekend and stopped by Susan of Burlingame. I saw the French blue in the City & it was beautiful. I was wearing a black coat & black trouser. The blue against the black is just awsome! This was not a color on my wait list for the S/S 07, but I am thinking about it now :P
  4. Personally, I love my 05 black first and I think it's the only Balenciaga bag I won't ever sell :heart: (I had a black city too, but in the end, I chose to keep my first)
    The size is great, it can fit a lot of things and most importantly, I love the fact that I can carry it all day, something I can't say for my city as it was too big for night
    I say go for it and you won't regret it!:yes:
  5. I have a 05 black First and I love that baby to death!! I take it everywhere with me more than my rouge vif City. I say go for it if you won't take alot of things with you out for the night. For that size, it actually holds quite alot.
  6. totally worth getting one! i love my turq 05 first... shes my dream bag... i use her often - she holds lots of stuff and its just a great size for running errands and doing weekend things. :wlae:
  7. From the pictures, I thought the FIRST was too small for me.

    But after seeing it IRL, it is actually quite roomy and can fit most of my stuff , I just have to downsize the wallet to a smaller one.

    Its a beautiful bag since it can go from day to night, from casual wear to formal wear. I can't wait to have a FIRST. Hopefully it would be soon.
  8. the first is really too small for me...

    not that it looks small on me but i can't fit all my stuff in it so it's a shame that i like the size but it's not really practical for me :sad:

    if it fits all ur stuff then i'd say go for it!! it's so adorable :smile:
  9. I :heart: the First. It fits everything I need for an evening out, and often I take her out for the day as well.
    Black is good (I think a first looks so classy in black!) but you could also get Anthracite when it comes out (close to black!) or look for an older color on Ebay. But with black, you can never have too many - so when you find the black with pewter city, it may feel like a completely different bag, I think.
  10. The first is the original motorcycle design that I fell in love with back in '01 on Kate Moss's arm in Harpers Bazaar. I called all the stores I could think of asking for a bag I had no idea how to pronounce...Balenciaga Le Dix.

    I still think it has the most perfect proportions and look. It makes a smashing going-out bag if you usually carry something bigger, like a city bag during the day. Definitely go for it...they are beautiful bags.

    My first bag was a first so I managed to figure out ways to carry a lot of stuff in it: wallet, umbrella, tissues, lip-balm and lip stick, pen, notebook, cell phone, first-aid kit and sunglasses. Pretty much all the essentials. If I take out either the sunglasses or the umbrella (depending on the weather) I can fit a book or magazine.

  11. Thanks for your input, so it sounds like mostly everybody is positive...
    I wouldn't want or be able to use the first as a day bag I need more space: city or day

    I was more wanting it for a night out and the more feminine shape.

    rocksteady how can you fit all this into a first I have a hard time fitting more than my wallet (yes it's pretty huge) and my cosmetic pochette into my city!

    Now I just need to figure out a color...anthracite sounds like a good idea (collection comes out after my pursban ends:P ) ... but it's true that black is the ultimate classic!

    Hmmmm and then there is this wonderful french blue but it might be better in a bigger size.:shame:

    My list is getting longer and longer...:drool:
  12. I had bought and sold two Firsts before it really grew on me. Now I appreciate the size. For example, my husband and I went to the casino last weekend. It was so nice to carry my First and to be able to have it sit in my lap comfortably while I sat at the slot machines. If I had one of my larger bags, I would have had to place it at my side which is not exactly a safe thing to do.

    I love the First in colors. I wear a lot of neutrals so it is nice to carry a bag that contrasts with that.
  13. Whenever I use mine, I wonder why I would want any other bag. It's not too big, not too small. I love it! It fits in your lap in the car, keeping it out of the way from my kids' destructive ways. What is it that everyone is carrying in the big bags? The first is perfect!
  14. I have a Greige First I like to use for evenings ... mine is more gray than beige ... I can't really use it for everyday, I much prefer the City, but I love having one bbag in the First size for going out !
    I would get Greige or a Red or maybe look for a Pewter or Gray on ebay ...
    Hope this helps!
  15. Oh Yes! I forgot about Anthracite! I bet that would be a good one!! :yes: