Should I?? **pics**

  1. Hi everyone..
    So I got an offer on this almost brandnew **EPI Montaigne Clutch** from a friend yesterday. She is giving me a great deal. She didn't like the clutch anymore. She is a mono girl, not an Epi girl. I think she is cute for a night out in town or something..

    What do you think??:shrugs:
    Yay or Nay??:confused1:

  2. I think this clutch is GORGEOUS and would be perfect for dressing up. Depends on the deal you are getting, though.
  3. I personally think black is a better choice for evening bag. But the bag is cute! Sorry, maybe I am not much help.
  4. OMG, i LOVE it!
  5. Yes, go for it - it's very very roomy. You can wear it as a every day bag too. I like it very much.
  6. I really like it. This bag will be great for going out.
  7. I love the montaigne clutch, I want one in black! What kind of deal?
  8. i have one in ivorie and i love it, i wouldn't trade it for anything, its a perfect going out bag and it fits a lot of stuff
  9. ABSOLUTELY YAY!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    I love this bag, it's my favourite pochette!! :heart:
  10. Thanks for your replies guys.. well she said $500 hmm Is that a deal? idk. Elux listed it at $765. I kinda like the black one more since this ivorie might get dirty. Well I'll keep you posted :smile:
  11. No, I prefer the black.
  12. Yay!
    Nice for the summer ;)
  13. Very nice, and I think $500 is a good deal. It looks like it's in great condition.
  14. What a lovely bag :nuts:
  15. get it!!! i have the black one and love it!!!