Should I pay full price for a black madison sabrina (discontinued) style?

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  1. I regret selling my black sabrina and I just happened to stumble across one at a large dept store - still full price! I asked the SA (helping me from another dept) why the higher price, but she really didn't know what I was talking about....and said the price on the tag is accurate.

    So, here's my question - should I go back and pay full price for this bag or should I take my chances on the *bay? I know they show up every once and a while? Then again, I never watch those auctions so I have no idea how much they normally sale for how often they are up for auction. I feel like I need to decide now since I have no idea how long that bag will remain in the store. Your thoughts? Pay full price or wait for a deal? What would you do? Black isn't a rare color, right?
  2. 12937 ? is that the style number of the bag you are looking for? It is in stock at in going once... going twice...
  3. I would not pay full price. You know the bag will come up on the auction sites and the dept store will put it on clearance eventually also...I would wait
  4. I would wait. Coach is putting out their PCE soon and department stores will match it. :0)
  5. Depends on what size sabrina you're going for.

    The small is 12937 in leather
    The large is 12949 in leather
    Recently in the outlets there was a travel sized huge one in black leather with gold hardware

    Here's two auctions on ebay right now for the black so they do show up:

    They're for the small with silver hardware.

    If you're looking for the black with brass, I have found those are harder to find. They sold out in the small size in full price. But I would call Jax, you never know what they might have in the warehouse.
  6. If you're not familiar with buying through online auctions, I suggest buying at full price. Yes, the price on ebay or other sites may be lower, but when buying from a retailer, one has the assurance of knowing the bag is authentic and perfect with no flaws, add in the advantage of easy returns with no problems, and being able to take the bag of choice home today (no waiting for shipment).
  7. Thank you all for your responses!

    I had no idea this bag was still available from JAX! I just checked the Coach website and indeed, there she was! Yes, it's the 12937 blk/slv sabrina I am after. I'm going back to the dept store today - we'll see what happens, LOL. I'm a bit implusive and I don't like to wait. Plus, there's nothing like losing an auction. That's such a bummer. Wow, I think I've talked myself into dept store!

    Out of curiousity, if I was to wait - how long do you think it might before this bag hits the clearance rack?

    Oh, who am I kidding?! I'm gonna go buy!! THANKS ALL!!!
  8. ^^lmao!!!
  9. If a bag is HTF, I know i'd pay full price for it even if it did hit the outlets... if you can find one and your willing to pay the price, go for it!