Should I pay for the second chance offer

  1. Hi, I need some suggestion from all of you. I accept a second chance offer, but the seller send me an invoice from google. When I asked to send me an invoice from eBay, the seller than asks me to send the money or check directly to an address.

    From eBay, once I accept the second chance offer, the only option I have is request invoice, I don't see where I can pay directly like if I won the item.

    I am really not sure if I should complete the second offer transaction like this. If I don't pay, am I going to get some negactive feedback?
  2. Did you ask why you can't send Paypal? Does her auction say she accepts Paypal? You have no protection if the bag is fake or has other issues and you need to get your money back if you send a check.
  3. I'm not sure if they are supposed to use google checkout, for some reason I thought ebay didn't allow it.
    Ask your seller if you can pay via paypal.
    Don't worry about negative feedback you can always give one back!
  4. be careful, for maximum protection, always take care of transactions via ebay and paypal. i would refuse to pay unless it is through paypal. at this point, i wouldn't even do a money order. it sounds fishy.
  5. Some sellers are using google check out. You could still do a chargeback if there is an issue. It's up to you - you can't file with paypal. You would have to go through your credit card company. Some people on the board use it. I don't.
  6. Check it from you eBay, if there's NO 2nd chance offer there, it mean it's fake email and for 2nd chance offer, seller can't send you an invoice unless you click "Buy It Now" at 2nd chance offer page, if you decline or not respond it, seller can't leave you - feedback.
  7. lv, in addition to going into my ebay, some sellers are billing for the purchase by invoicing thru google. Google C/O has no fees until later in the year - not sure of date. So sellers can avoid the PP fees.

    So once the buyer goes into my ebay and accepts the offer, the seller will send a google invoice/checkout form instead of an ebay invoice. Then once the item is paid for, the seller marks the ebay item paid and ships.
  8. If the second chance offer isn't in your My Ebay it's probably a scam. ASQ the seller and ask if she sent you one.
  9. If this is a genuine 2nd chance offer, even without a ebay/paypal invoice, you can still pay by paypal. Just use "Send money" option, choose the Ebay goods option, then manually key in the item # etc and pay.
  10. I think that what happened to me. I received the second chance offer, and I accept it by click the buy it now. But on ebay, there is no option for me to pay it through ebay just like if I won the item. I asked the seller to send me the invoice, and then I got an invoice from google. I am really worry about that if I paid via google, then I am not protected by ebay if the item not to be authentic as indicated, and I also couldn't leave any negative feedback if that's the case.

  11. STOP!!!! Right there!!!! Do NOT pay this person... this happened to me, and I was out money. The latest eBay scam is to email every bidder with a 'second chance offer' email. Each person (or at least a lot of them) takes them up on the 'offer' and pays via an outside method. That way, the seller collects payments from like 10 different people, and never sends the item, because there weren't that many to exist in the first place. The buyers don't get refunds because the business was conducted outside eBay, and the seller is laughing all the way to the bank. DO NOT pay this person, unless they send you the LINK to the second chance offer and you can "buy it now" through eBay and PAY through eBay --> PayPal.
  12. I would not purchase it if the invoice is not through ebay. What kind of payment options did the original listing have?
  13. NO NO NO DO NOT PAY!!! These people use others listings and get you to pay them, even though they are not the seller. I heard about a woman that paid £2000 for a wedding dress and she never received it because of this!!!
  14. If you're unsure is any e-mail is from ebay, forward it to You have to forward it exactly as is (don't change the subject line or add any text). Ebay will get back to you in a matter of hours to let you know if it's legitimate. Also, you can read the tutorial on spoof e-mails at Hope that helps!!
  15. I would be suspicious. This happened to me, I was given a second chance offer on ebay and didnt hesitate to take it since I really wanted the Chanel bag. Thankfully the scammer made obvious mistakes and I was saved from paying him money.