Should I pay 11A reissue grey 226 in 2012 price?

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  1. Hi ladies and gentlemen,

    This came as an unexpected. My grey journey began last Friday when my SA updated me on the Chic Caviar bags. I told her I was not interested and asked her if she got any updates on my grey reissue. A couple months ago, I gave her a list of what I have been searching for.
    Well...she got back to me with 2 options of 12A navy reissue flaps 226 (one of them color #930254, another I couldn't remember). When I called her back the next day to let her know I was going to take the darker navy 226. It turned out the bag was 227, not a 226.
    She convinced me to buy a grey classic jumbo instead. I adamantly refused and told her m/l was the largest I would go for a classic flap. She then had me on hold and came back with another reissue 226. This one was a real grey, either navy or navy grey. I was over the moon...paid for it and got the bag delivery today.
    I love everything about this bag. It's 11A dark grey with RHW (series 15xxx). However, I paid $4900 for it. Correct me if I am wrong, I believe the 11A reissues were only 4300 when they came out???

    What should I do :hrmm:? Should I return it or ask her to honor the original price? Or should I be patient and hope another beautiful grey reissue from Chanel? I am quite new to Chanel. I have no idea a normal practice for the price difference between different collections.

    Another thing that had me wondered. It's from 11A but has 15xxx series. I bought a classic flap with 15xxx and my SA told me it's from 2012 :confused1:
  2. The price of Chanel will only go unless you're willing to hunt for a pre-owned one, I wouldn't count on the price coming down. There are classics that used to cost half the price they did a few years ago...

    Even if you wait for another grey reissue from Chanel, assuming you mean from future collections, I think you can count on the price to go up...

    It doesn't hurt to ask but I doubt they would honor the old price (unless that is the price tag attached to the bag at the time, sometimes I see posts about SA's offering bags at the "old price" when something like this happens). The only time I had an SA honor an old price was for my first Chanel...I had gone in a few times to look at a GST. They had no stock in except for one in beige (I wanted black), so I waited. Well, while I was waiting, the price went up. Since the SA knew I had been looking for awhile and they were getting black GST's in, she honored the old price when the shipment came in.

    If you really love it...I would personally keep it. If you're not in love with it, then maybe you can search for a pre-owned one for a lower cost?
  3. From my experience Chanel would not honor the old price the bag first came out. Therefore, it's either you keep the bag or you can always wait until Chanel comes out with a "perfect" grey except the price might be more higher than $4900. If you really like this grey then you should keep it. Good luck deciding. :smile:
  4. The last price increase happened between 11A and 12P. Some lucky buyers were able to get 12P bags for 4300 (before first week of Feb). Once mid-Feb hit, all the bags were marked up, including old stock. Unfortunately, Chanel and dept store boutiques will not honor the old price, in my experience. My Nordies SA showed me a bag that was in the back room for like 1.5 years and when they rang it up, they told me they had to charge me the higher price. :/
  5. I think it doesn't matter when the bag is made...but more so when you purchased it from Chanel. I wish I got some colors from years ago and wouldn't mind paying the current price at all!! :amuse:
  6. They won't honor the original price - I would keep the bag, especially since you say you really love it. It is possible that there could be another price increase by the time you find another grey reissue you like.
  7. If you like it, keep it. Chanel won't honor the old price on classic items.
  8. I don't see how paying $4900 for what you say is the perfect grey is different from waiting for another grey (which may not be what you want) to come along and paying the same price if not higher. I know what you're saying but I agree with the posters before could try asking for the old price but I'm doubtful they will honor it.

    Keep it and enjoy it!
  9. Is this a reissue you'd keep without question if you were unaware of the price increase? I would literally keep it that simple. Sadly, prices have gone up continuously over the years (which is why I have personally all but stopped buying flaps/reissues) and will only continue to so so. Any store (be it a dept. store, boutique, etc.) is in the business of making money... it's highly doubtful they'd honor the "old" price, as we are (sadly) in "new" price times.

    By the time YOUR perfect grey comes around again (assuming that even happens), prices are sure to be higher and you'll be kicking yourself for passing this baby up. Sometimes, knowledge (old price knowledge) isn't power. Enjoy your grey beauty! :smile:
  10. Its strange that there has not been another increase since feb 1st 2012! I wonder if there may not be an additional one this year :smile:
    I think u should keep it if u love it!
  11. Shhhhhhh! Don't jinx anything! :smile:
  12. karman...I checked the tag. The bottom part where Chanel price was supposed to be was no where to be seen. I did a phone order. Never saw the bag before until today. I doubt... if the price tag was intact after all this time, SAs would have torn it off anyway before shipped the bag to me. Anyway... I decided to keep the bag. My Perfect Grey... See her from my avatar:P

    Thanks! I kept her. This was the first time since I joined TPF that I was tempted enough to add my avatar... my brand new grey:cool:

    Yuck...reality hurt! I was surprised actually. My SA and I was talking about 12A collection with two options of reissues that she had. When this grey came up, I didn't bother to check with her to which season this bag belonged, I assumed it also came from 12A.

    Agreed. I kept her. She looked beautiful with my favorite art.

    Yes yes yes...I kept her. Please see my avatar. :giggles:

    :ty::ty::ty:everyone for sharing your knowledge with me.

    I was bite hard by Chanel bug. :ban:
  13. Glad you kept the bag! I really liked that color from 11A - I tried to find it in 226 last year but could only find the 227. It's a very nice shade of grey!
  14. Congrats on your grey Chanel!
  15. Stunning bag, congrats! Please post mod shots.