Should I pass up my HG cabas?

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  1. I have been head over heels with the brown caviar cabas since I first l first laid eyes on it. Unfortunately, it sold out in a blink of the eye and it doesn't looks like it's coming back. I've been searching fruitlessly for one and one just came up on eBay. Unfortunately, the handbag fund is all drained, so I'd have to sell a couple of my other Chanels to get it, all of which I really like.:crybaby:

    The seller is starting bidding well above retail. I've never gotten my HG bag before, just ones that I semi-lusted after. I'm really torn and could use the advise of some fellow Chanel lovers to help me rationalize what to do. Do you think it's worth the sacrifice to finally have it? Have you passed up your HG and totally regretted it?
  2. OMG I am in the exact same boat as you. The khaki baby cabas is my HG for now and I probably saw the same eBay listing as you. I grappled with my conscience for a while about just charging it to the CC and paying it off over months, but then I slept on it and decided I shouldn't do something so irresponsible. It's a gorgeous bag yes, but do I really need to be $XXXX in debt? No. Can I use that money for other purposes? Yes. Will it put me in a bigger headache if I knew I had that much debt (& interest) to pay off? Definitely. So I passed it up. Next time! If I can't find this bag anymore, so be it.
  3. I have passed on HG bags and was able to buy them later for less. Patience is a virtue.
  4. I won't pay much above retail for something. I don't care what it is.
  5. Thanks guys! You have given me much needed hope! Jo_ee- we are in the same boat! It's either sell other bags or charge this one and slooowly pay it off with what would have been my bag money for the rest of the year. CC bills are no fun! The one I want is actually the large cabas with the big C's stiched into it- it's really hard to find so not that many people know they ever made it. I love the khaki baby cabas though!
  6. I know! The lack of it seems to be my vice! Hopefully I will have the same luck as you and be able to find it for closer to retail down the road.
  7. Anyone who owns this bag is probably well aware of it's most wanted status; therefore, I don't think you'll be able to find one for retail or less. And even if one appeared on eBay at a starting bid below retail, you know it's gonna get bid WAY up to over retail anyway, just like the Olsen tote. Hmm, just noticed the seller is from my hometown!
  8. oh my goodness Roey, I'm glad they aren't from Houston or I would never be able to pass it up. Just the thought of the bag being so close :drool:
  9. Luckily it's the hometown I grew up in. I'm waayyy across the country now!

    You can always buy it and probably get most of your money back if you decide to sell later on down the road. It's so hard to find a really nice dark brown Chanel bag that doesn't look black. And this would fit your lifestyle with a little one. The shoulder fit would be ideal! I'm not much help in dissuading you am I?!
  10. when i bought m black caviar coco cabas i have to sell 2 of my b bags that i thought i love, but i haven't use them for some times, just the thought of losing that 2 bags made me sick. but when i decided to sell them, i don't really miss them that much :p
    btw when i got mine on ebay it was for a little above the retails from the price befre the increase.
    and i get the one bag i use alot.
    so i think if u want to purchase ur HG, the wisest thing is to sell some of ur bags that u don't use a lot anymore to fund it.
  11. I don't think you should get into debt to buy your bag, even though it is your HG. If you can find a way to fund the buy (may it be selling your other bags) then I think that would be the way I would do it. I think I would feel so guilty that I may not enjoy the bag anymore!!!
  12. it took me a long time to find my black baby cabas & a lot of $$$ to bring it over to the uk & i am so glad i did ~ every time i see a pic of my HG ~ the '06 boreaux ~ i :crybaby: ~ but then i only found chanel a few months ago & didn't know about my HG @ the time it was avail ~ i was patiently waiting for the s/s'08 dark red & it has the ghw :sad: ~ so goodness knows when ~ if ~ i'll get a chance to own one as i only want a newbie ~ so if you poss can ~ & you truly :heart: it ~ i say go for it!
  13. Sometimes it's hard to find your HG and I think if this is the bag you really, really want and it is very rare ... maybe it is worth going after it. I would pay above retail for a bag that was hard to find now and if you do have some other bags you are comfortable with letting go ... maybe this is the time to go after your HG? Good luck in whatever you decide!
  14. I could swear that we authenticated one, not very long ago, for a PF'er that had a BIN just below retail.

    How much "well above" retail are they starting the auction at?
  15. Actually the BIN was $1799 so it was about $150 above retail, but still more reasonable than $2400.