should I pass over this?

  1. I an on a waiting list for a 35 birkin in havana but I really want a smaller bag: a 30 in a bright color (red or thalassa)
    Should I tell my SA to put me on the waiting list for a 30 or should I wait and see how I feel when I see the 35?
    My SA says I should get a 35 so I was convinced to go for a 35, but I always had big purses and I now want a smaller one.
    Do you think if I pass over this they would put me in the list for onother one? I haven't been a big spender at Hermes untill now....:sad:
  2. Costa, it is an awful lot of money to spend on a bag that isn't perfect for you. If you prefer a 30cm in a bright color - then definitely go for it. How is your relationship with your SA?
  3. Can you put your name on a list for both? If you think you want a 30, don't worry about what the SA thinks you should have! The 30 is a great size and holds a ton...try them both out!
  4. You are right.
    The point is I am quite a new costumer to Hermes even if I got a good relationship with my SA.
    I think I will try to do as shoes312 says.
    Thank you! I will let you know what happens tomorrow when I will go to Hermes and try to go for both or -if not- just for a 30.
  5. One difference in the size from what I've heard, is the weight being heavier in the 35...which can wear on you after time...
  6. I know the Purse Forum is making me broke too because I love everything!! It's terrible!!:hysteric:
  7. Hi Costa, I second Shoes. It's a good idea to be waitlisted for both - Whichever comes first, you will be contacted & you can see the bag in person before you decide. HTH! :flowers:
  8. Absolutely! Waitlist for both and see which one strikes you when you see Shoes says, the 35cm is a bit heavier.
  9. FYI, you won't find anything in Thalassa right now but you MAY find something in the new Rouge Garance! I third (or fourth, fifth...) the idea of getting on the list for both!
  10. Thank you all!
    I can't wait till tomorrow. I'm so excited!
  11. i honestly don't understand why they always want you to get the 35. i probably only met one SA that "secretly" told me the 30 is better for yours arms, so to speak. get whichever size you want... after all, it's your $$$
  12. As we always will know which one it is when you see it.
  13. ^ ain't that the truth...:yes:
  14. I thought thalassa blue is discontinued? Are they planning on making the color again? Coz if so, I want a matching wallet for my thalassa box birkin, LOL..
  15. I went to hermes and explained i don't really think I would get a I am now on the list for a 30 birkin!!!
    My Sa was really nice
    One year wait or less if somebody give up from the list. Thank you all for your advice!!!:heart: