Should I pass on Anemone B30 in Epsom?

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  1. I'm a purple lover & I've been waiting forever for a purple bag. I've missed on Crocus and ultra violet last couple season. So when my SA offered B30 Anemone in PHW, i was so happy but as soon I find out it was in Epsom leather I wasn't sure if it's the bag that I want. I wish it's in Togo leather.
    Would u pick the color over the leather? I'm so confused rite now. My SA is willing to hold the bag for me a week to decide. So I really need your hep on should I pass this one & waiting for the Togo or should I just take this now?
    I don't want to regret to let this pass just in case the Togo leather never show up.
    Much appreciated for your thought!
  2. You have to decide whether you like Epsom. I love it. And Anemone in Epsom? The colour will be fabulous!
  3. Is there a reason you don't like Epsom? It takes colour very well and it's light an will stand straight for years.
  4. Love Epsom
    Here is an Evelyne in Epsom in this color

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  5. I will grab it first
    Epsom light n pop color very well
    Who knows
    Togo may or may not be offer to u or even come to your store
    You already miss two purples
    Grab this chance
    30 is a gd size too
    furthermore I find that new batch of togo very thin
  6. Only you can decided whether or not you can enjoy carrying a B in epsom. If it's a leather you truly dislike or have had bad experience with, I would pass and wait. But if your hesitation is based on speculation or what you have read/heard from others, I say give it a try yourself.

    I think Anemone in epsom is very vibrant compared to togo, so that is another factor to consider.

  7. Oh this is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I want one!!!!!
  8. Epsom takes colors beautifully and is very light. I would snatch this baby up in heartbeat! 30 is hard to find too!

  9. Love the color and leather!
  10. Grab it!! It is so pretty and I agree with others Epsom is light and makes colors even more saturated and vibrant :smile:

  11. Omg, that's so pretty!
  12. I don't have a problem with Epsom yet, as I have the Kelly in Epsom but just the feel of it. It doesn't feel like leather. I love love the feel of Togo.
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    It depends on how you'd like your B--slouchy or stiff. I have B Hac in epsom and love it as it keeps its shape perfectly and looks brand new. The anemone color is gorgeous!
  14. Oh my G O S H :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  15. Thanks to Tanker for posted her bag color. At least I can image how my B princess look like. I'm getting it! Woohoo🎉