Should I part with my Paddy...

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  1. I am very conflicted...and would be so grateful for advice from you all.

    I love the Paddington, I truly do; but, I don't feel that for me it is practical. I have used it twice and just don't see myself ever adding it to my usual rotations.

    I would love to sell it and buy more Balenciaga bags...:lol:

    Would you keep a bag just because it is unique if you are not going to get good use out of it??? Will the Anthracite paddy become more valuable as a collector piece; or no, since they make so many damn paddys?

    I really would love to hear your opinions guys/gals; I am very conflicted. At this point the bag has had a cost/use ratio of $860 (bag cost divided by 2).
  2. i'd sell it. if there is a bag out there you know you will wear more often then go get that one. there's no point in keeping a bag just because it's unique if you'll never wear it.
  3. I agree.
  4. What color is it?
  5. It is anthracite.

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  6. For the amount of money the paddy costs, it wouldn't be practical to keep it if you're not going to use it. Sure, it's a beautiful bag, but since we're not millionaries and we can't keep bags just to ooh and ahh and admire without ever using them, it might be better to let it go and buy a bag or two that you will use much more and get more enjoyment out of.

    I can't imagine doing this, because I love my paddy, but everyone is different! :biggrin:
  7. I feel like I can always buy another paddy down the road; maybe one that fits my lifestyle more (less flash).

    When I look at the picture I think, "gosh, that is a gorgeous handbag, sheesh I want to put it in a case and oooh-aah over it".
    But, that is downright silly - I do not have a museum for unused handbags - especially handbags that cost almost 2K. Also, NAP is not getting anymore Anthra paddys; so, this may be the time to try and sell it, while it is still wanted and hard to get.
  8. I don't know, Loganz. I consider myself a collector of handbags. I think the Anthracite Paddy is an amazing bag, with great potential to be a collector's item. (Especially considering the changes going on over at the House of Chole.) I think some bags are worth keeping just to look at...If it is an either or situation, then I can see selling it. But, if you can keep it and still buy more B bags, I would keep it. Just my thoughts, anyway!
  9. I have always been a horrible speller. That is Chloe, of course.
  10. I think that you should do some research and see what the "want" is for an anthracite paddy. I don't know if you would use eBay, but I don't remember seeing those selling very well.

    But with regard to your initial question, I think you should sell it for something that you really like and will get use out of.
  11. LOL - in my mind I just read Chloe - isn't it funny how we do that when we know what the intention of the word is. Thanks for the advise I am very "on the fence".
  12. Good advise SuLi - I think I will go to Ebay and research it - I see girls who say they want one (anthra paddy) on another forum; but, it would be unwelcome I would think to solicit them with my paddy via PM; seems kind of seedy. :suspiciou
  13. I agree. You should sell it for something that you'll use and love AND is a great bag. Don't settle for 1 out of 3.
  14. Yeah, if you arent going to use it and can recover most of the funds, sell it. You can always find something you'll love more :biggrin:
  15. KA-CHING :biggrin: :P !!!! Sell it ... !!! I do the same thing with jewelry that I don't wear anymore ... if it sits in my jewelry box, it's "money in the bank" (e.g., it's the "deposit" on a newer/different piece!!).

    I think the Anthracite is a popular color. HOWEVER ... be prepared to take TONS of photos, list every little detail (including any 'wear & tear' - if applicable), etc. Also, I would highly recommend watermarking the photos (as I did with my Grenat Paddy ... which didn't sell YET!!).

    As far as the cost ... in my opinion, you might want to stress more of the "HARDLY USED" ... heck, two times is BARELY used!! Unless you're hard on bags, chances are no one would even know that it's been used! When I had my own consulting business, I always had the motto "start high, you can always come down ... but you can't come back up ...". If you start it at $860, folks might get suspicious that it's a fake. I would start at 20% less than retail ... my opinion.