Should I part with my beige lambskin M/L flap? Pls help!

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  1. I have a beautiful beige lambskin m/l flap with ghw that I recently purchased. I'm so paranoid about it that in her 4mths with me I've only carried her out 3x! I took her out of her box to admire her again last night n noticed 2 nail dents on it that I don't even how how it happened :sad: they look pretty deep. Sobs.

    I'm in such pain over this delicate baby that I'm wondering if I should sell her n get a more hardy bag. Or else get her waterproofed so she'll be more protected then I won't get so paranoid!

    Having a beige lambskin with ghw has always been my dream though.

    Pls help I think I'm gg nuts!!
  2. Oh heck no, you should not part with that beauty! You should, however, mosey on over to the lambskin care & maintenance thread to pick up some tips on how to care for this luxurious bag! You can get out dents, you can prevent spill damage, and you can definitely get the bag waterproofed (all of these things you can do yourself using tips from that thread). Don't let fear take away your dream!
  3. Realistic me ... Sell it and buy something you'd enjoy an carry everyday... Worry free.
    Dreamy me .... Who cares! It's your dream bag. Enjoy every single bit of it. You only live once. Let it get scratched .. It would just add personality to it.
  4. If you can... maybe you can keep it and save it for very special occasions? And in the mean time look for another beige bag that is more durable, like caviar. This way you have your dream bag but also have a bag you can be a bit more carefree with.
    But if not I would sell it, and get a bag you will use and not be paranoid!
    Hope that helps!
  5. I think you should just use her more! Don't be scared to use her!
  6. Thank u everybody for your advice! Thanks tutushopper! I'll go and study the thread! Hope I can get the dents out :sad:

    Yes I'll be very sad to part with her! I love lambskin so much. I need to bring her out more to feel more confident wearing her..
  7. You absolutely do need to bring her out more. I have more than one beige lambskin bag, and I use them and have no fear or worry (and they aren't waterproofed yet even). They are meant to be used and loved, and you can't do that when they are closed up in your closet! Read back a few dozen pages and you'll see my posts about how to get out the dents as well as posts on waterproofing and which products are recommended. But remember, you don't have to do any of that to enjoy that lovely bag. :smile:
  8. Thank u! tutushopper one silly question: I have a small black lambskin wallet. Can I put it in my beige lambskin flap? Will the black leather cause any color transfer onto the beige lambskin? (See that's how paranoid i am omg :P)
  9. You can put your lambskin wallet inside and it won't cause color transfer from normal use. I put my red patent wallet into my beige bag, my burgundy lined bag, my choose-a-color bag and no problems for me. Leather shouldn't transfer onto other leather (the exception being patent onto patent). I know some who use bag inserts but I've never used those; I just freely use the bag and so far in all these years it's been okay. You may want to be able to see the wallet inside the bag, so you may want contrast (i.e. I'd not want a beige wallet in a beige tote as it would be harder to spot than a bright red one). So go ahead and use your bag and your wallet and enjoy! :smile:
  10. Thank u tutushopper for your kind advice! And thanks also to all the lovely ladies who responded. I'm keeping my precious - just took her for a wonderful evening out (with the black lamb wallet inside!) n guess what, the dents magically disappeared! woo hoo! :smile:
  11. I am so glad you made this thread! I bought my second classic flap, a beige lambskin m/l last week and started having second thoughts a few days later. As much as i loved the look and feel of the lambskin, i was afraid of getting colour transfer. The older threads on opinions on beige lambskin didnt make me feel any better either! People seemed to be so fearful of light coloured lambskin and some people called it a dirt magnet, recipe for disaster etc all sorts of scary names. I was so caught up with thinking whether i should return it and get the caviar one but my partner just flipped at me and told me to just keep it as i always have second thoughts due to what other people think. After reading your thread and everyone's post, i feel a lot better and am definitely keeping my baby. This will be my special occasion or light-coloured outfit bag. I dont mind giving it a little extra babying as i baby all my bags anyway. I also have a black jumbo in caviar and i will definitely be using that a lot more than my beige lamby! :smile:

    Again, thanks for starting this thread and hope you enjoy your baby!!
  12. Hello bagness thanks for sharing! I came across a thread about 'regrets on beige lambskin flap' when I read it I felt so bad abt my beige lamb.

    I must thank all the sweet ladies here & tutushopper for sharing their advice and tips. After taking my beige lamb baby out (I am still v careful!) I feel so much better :smile: think she's so happy mummy brought her out that the dents on her disappeared haha.

    Btw I hv a black lamb jumbo and the smiling pocket (hope I got it right) is peeling from constant abrasion through v frequent use over 3+ years. It's not obvious cos it's black. We gotta be careful not to wear our beige lamb flaps with clothing that has v rough texture.

    Let's enjoy our beautiful light colored bags!