Should I Order This??lol?

  1. [​IMG]LOVE it..but Suede scares me..LOL..But I really like it and I have so many Prada leather bags I may need a change!
    WHATCHA THINK??:angel:
  2. PS- ITS ONLY 1250..HEE.hee..What a bargain..LOL
  3. Suede scares me too. I have one suede jacket and never wear it. But the shape is very nice. Very pretty.
  4. It looks like a very nice bag.
  5. They have it in leather too but I already have the black leather one in the E/W shape..What do you think...?
  6. [​IMG]Leather....
  7. Leather. If you have to worry about the suede the whole time, then you can't enjoy it.
  8. BUT the suede is SOOOO much richer..LOL..ARGH.I hate decisions
  9. I think u should get the miu miu coffer in brown suede : )
  10. I love it! Suede is just gorgeous!
  11. ITA!!
    If you really want something in suede I say get the Miu Miu Coffer but if you really love this style then go for it in the leather.
    Suede is very susceptible to damage, I would be terrified to carry it.:flowers:
  12. Agree 100%!!! I have it and I LOVE IT!!!:love::love::love:
  13. Definetly suede.
  14. i am normally not a suede handbag person but this one is CALIENTE!!!!
  15. Get the leather! Or, I think I saw one that was dark brown canvas with leather trim in the same shape. I had a suede prada bag a few years ago - after a few months it was destroyed! :Push:
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