Should I order this bag?

  1. If you like it..why not..dentelle..

  2. I like the dentelle:nuts: , especially the gold lace.
  3. Order it. It looks pretty.
  4. If you have money to spend, why not? The bag is very lovely.
  5. I like it but wonder how the chain will hold up???? I think I would love it if the strap was all leather.
    Do you know the size of this?
  6. :yes: :yes: :yes: I would, I am on the list for it also.
  7. I like it - I would order it if I had the money!
  8. this bag is beautiful ! I would order it !
  9. GASP!! she's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    the pochette is the best piece in this line!:love::love::love::love:
  10. I like it. Looks like a nice smaller bag.
  11. Sorry, but no! LV has got much better collections than this one!!
  12. I love it, & it's the one I'm waitlisted for. I love the chain.
  13. Not for me, but as you can see many like it ;)
  14. I don't personally like it but if you do, you should get it!