Should I order the Stratus Pm in Ecru from overseas...


Should I order the Olympe Stratus PM in ecru.. ?

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  1. Ok.. here is my problem.. em as some of u might have read my other thread

    I was never really into the Stratus.. until a week ago when I was reading through the forum and saw modeling pics of the Stratus.. So now after it was being released for months with the new product coming out there are no more Stratus Pm in Hong Kong.. My SA say that the only place I could check is overseas.. I am not sure if I should get it and whether it will have its fair time of spinning around with the release of the damier sophie, nimbuses and speedies, motard etc..

    Wht do u guys think should I get it ? Should I ? Should I ? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. Do you've fam in overseas?
  3. Thought it'll take too long time if they process shipping from USA to LV store in HK but if you're really keen it, then go for it :smile: have you try LV store in Singapore?
  4. If you really have to have it and are in LOVE, then go for it!!!!!
  5. get it get it get it

    oh yeah, i think u should GET IT!
  6. I am in the EXACT same dilemma as you....curious to see what people will have to say!
  7. Definitely get it!!! I wasn't a fan of the Stratus until a couple of weeks ago and am a few weeks away from getting it. If you love it enough, go for it! It's definitely a classic bag, IMO.
  8. Will LV actually do that for you? Or do you actually mean asking someone else overseas to hunt one down for you? For me, if I'm crazy enough for an item, I know I'll do it no matter what. :p And honestly, Stratus is one hot bag that I would go for, I just wish I have the fund! :blush: And since you obviously do, then go for it..! :yes: You don't want to go the eBay route and pay way over retail later on.
  9. I would try Hawaii - Waikiki or Ala Moana Mall are both huge stores that always have great stuff!! The prices are cheaper than mainland USA too.
  10. I adore my Stratus PM in Ecru, so I would say go for it!