Should I or Shouldn't I???


Should I Bid or Not???

  1. Bid on the bag. It's a classic at a great price.

  2. Hold out for the "perfect bag"

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  1. Help please! I've been watching an eBay action for a black epi Monceau, and I can't decide whether to bid on it. I've been wanting a black epi shoulder bag, but I can't make up my mind whether this is the bag for me. It's such a great price (it's been authenticated here already by the kind expertise of Lee and Addy). What should I do?
  2. well i dont know... on your poll choices, what do you mean by "the perfect bag" ?
    is there one you want even more?
    if you arent buying this just to get something, then i say go for it...!
  3. The problem is I haven't found my ideal bag! I think this one would fit most of my requirements. Though I have heard that this particular bag can be a little bit of a pain to open...

    I guess I am trying to decide whether it's worth it to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a very nice second hand bag just to tide me over until I find something that really bowls me over!