Should I or should'nt I

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  1. Hi there, totally confused as to how this bag looks in real life as I live it online. Does anyone have this bag? If yes do you reccomend? Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Don't know about real life... But I like can always return if you don't like it. I say go for it!
  3. Thank you Valleydolldiva!
    Many Thanks nay.nay, what has been your usage for this bag, is it on regular/daily basis or evening or special occasions, since its shiny does it look OTT for casual day bag? Can you send some modelling pics please? I am 90% convinced that I must have this bag :smile:
  4. It's a great practical bag for everyday if you after a metallic. The best thing about the bag is it's a light colour but hassle -free. The body is easy to keep clean and should be resistant to scuffing, no prob in the rain or sun.

    Depending on your style you could easily wear this day and if you don't mind bigger bags for the evening then I guess night too. If I didn't already have a glitzy Gucci Boston I would def consider this one
  5. Thanks papertiger :smile: very encouraging & tempting!
  6. I've seen it in real life before and I've actually tried it on xD it's very pretty irl, it's about the same size as the Louis Vuitton speedy 30. It's actually a metallic gold color. I don't really care for the material though, I find that it wears easily (the imprime canvas on my gg belt is frayed and I have white marks on my imprime shoes).
    It is a very nice bag though, I must say. However, I passed on it and bought the sukey large tote because this was too small
    Just wondering im kinda confused about my decision to purchase the gucci imprime black tote,as im gonna travel soon and my old gucci tote needs to retired ,i had it for almost 10years old.just wondering is the imprime really worth the money?im choose black cause i dont have any black bag,and it is a classic color for me.what do you guys think?is this bag is gonna be appropriate for any occassion too?since its

    Here is the link