Should I Or Shouldn't I......

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  1. buy the bag charm I want? The new Playtime Charm with the LV logo and the red and blue flowers is so cute. Is it me, tho, or does anyone else also think Louis charms are overpriced? Also, I worry if the links can break, and the charm falls off - this even happens with fine jewelry. Dunno, really like it but isn't $310 alot for plastic (even if it's really cute?) :confused1:
    Your thoughts? If you own bag charms, are they durable or delicate? Thanks.
  2. The bag charms ARE expensive, there's no doubt about it. However, they're really cute and sometimes worth the price. Depending on the charm, they're pretty durable.
  3. I like some of the charms but I personally can't justify the cost of them. :sad:
  4. ^Same with me...I think the bag charms give additional eye candy to our already beautiful-in-itself LV bags but they're just TOO expensive! I'd much rather allocate the money to a bigger purchase but that's just me.

    But going back to the playtime bag charm, a lady was trying that particular charm on her amarante Bellevue PM and it made her bag even look more stunning and lively. So yes I do think that some bags actually need charms so as not to make them look too flat and monotonous.
  5. I think charms are a rip off and just cant do it(they are cute) but I bought the affiche bag charm for 200 its leather and my initials are stamped in it!!
  6. I could never justify the price of the bag charms, however if you can and you really love it, go for it! :smile:
  7. I agree with so many others here. They are cute but way over priced! Just think about what else you could buy with that money and probably get more long-term use of!
  8. I would go with an affiche like the previous poster, or a vernis cles which can serve as a cles, but also as a bag decoration...
  9. I just got the Rock Flower charm in Rose and the Glam Flower charm... they really do 'dress up' your bags and are the instant change up if you have a style that needs a bit of zest. The Glam Flower in the Red/Yellow/Purple/Green combo looks great with Damier Azur...
  10. I think the bag charms are really cute, but too rich for my blood!
  11. I agree that they are crazy expensive BUT I have several and I do love them! No regrets at all buying them. If you are going to love it, splurge and get it!
  12. ^^You're going to get one one day... I was the same way, then I did the unthinkable and got BOTH that I really really loved... :biggrin: ... but honestly, now I think that two, plus my Pomme cles, is quite enough.
  13. I have sold all of my bag charms except my Jack & Lucie charm. I'm liking my bags better without charms these days....
  14. I have a few LV bag charms. I bought one charm at the store and the other 2 charms were bought pre-owned. They are all very nice but now I think I would rather use the money towards a purse so I don't think I'll buy any more charms in the future. However, I do use the charms on all of my purses, so I'm at least getting my money's worth!!! LOL!
  15. It is a little pricey but alot cheaper than another bag.. so they are good for when I crave another LV but only have <500 to spare!

    If you love it, go for it!