Should I or shouldn't I?

  1. There's a lovely Evelyne in Barenia for sale on eBay for a really good price, I am very tempted. I have't received my Kelly yet though, and I am a bit unsure if I should get two H bags at the same time?? Help me ladies (I was wearing an outfit yesterday that was shouting for that Evelyne, white skirt, pale blue blouse, the Evelyne would have been perfect....) Help!
    eBay: Original Hermés SAC AMAIN Evelyn Damentasche (Artikel 120018752969 endet 20.08.06 13:41:53 MESZ)
  2. that's a really nice bag, WOULD be perfect with that outfit -very crisp!!
  3. Thanks Kristie, I knew I could count on you to twist my rubber arm!
    OK, decision made for Evelyne!
  4. Wise choice, Barenia is a beautiful leather.
  5. I love Berenia and it looks in perfect condition! Good luck!
  6. That was so easy!!! I love Barenia!!
  7. Barenia is WONDERFUL! Def get it....don't pass on this one!
  8. shopmom...what are you doing up? I know I can't stay away from this addiction's 4:40AM here!! Love that Berenia too!
  9. That is one fab bag ....go for it......:yes:
  10. Lovely Evelyn - did you win it?
  11. Beautiful! And barenia is so rare right now!
  12. That is a gorgeous Evelyn! Wise choice and investment! Barenia is so special and rare!
  13. Do it!! It's such a beautiful bag.
  14. Ah, I didn't get it after all.... too bad. Well, there will be another.... Thanks for all your encouragement ladies!
  15. oh no.....that's ok Hello. Where there's one, there's another.......