Should I or shouldn't I?!?

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  1. What are your thoughts about the Monogram Denim XL bag in black. I've really had my eye on it for a while but can't get myself to pay $2,260 for it!!! Yikes :s! But its a beauty! Does anyone here have the bag? How do you like it? Any input would be helpful. Tia!

  2. I think it's beautiful, if you really like it, get it! I have the neo cabby in black, i think the black denim is very unique... definitely stands out alot.
  3. Hi there, I don't have this bag, but I can tell you that I really like it! I would love to buy one (but would probably choose the leather Mahina) but it's too expensive at the moment.
    If you're concerned about the denim, don't worry. I have the denim Baggy PM and it holds up great.
    Good luck with your decision!
  4. I think it is a BEAUTIFUL bag... but my "must have bag" is the Alma Voyage MM... and the only thing holding me back is the price...

    BUT* as long as you have paid all of your bills, and your needs are met... then I say go for it!
  5. I think it depends how long it would take you to save up for it. For would probably take me AT LEAST a year...which is redic and I would never get it. BUT if you want it...and can afford it...DO IT!
  6. I love it! I have the neo cabby MM in black and LOVE it!! It's so unique and I get a ton of compliments on it. I love LV denim.
  7. I love it. It's out of my personal price range but if it's in yours - DO IT!!
  8. I think it's a great looking bag, but I already had the Neo Cabby in black denim. The denim line holds up spectacularly well! And I have the Mahina which is the exact same shape and I LOVE that bag. If you get it I don't think you'll regret it. But you might want to look at the Mahina in noir.
  9. I love that style! I have it but in leather ... it's a great bag! I love how you can easily get to your things and sits so comfortably on your shoulders too!

    So yes, you should!
  10. That price is definitely high for LV. At that price point, I'd rather put it towards a Chanel, KWIM?
  11. It is BEAUTIFUL in real life-- I gasped! Made me look at the denim line for the first time.
  12. Thanks for all of your help! I will let you know what I end up doing when I head out shopping this weekend!
  13. I love the Mahina! You should get it! I would get one if I could afford it!
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