should i or shouldn't i?

  1. this is a pretty silly question to ask, since i KNOW that each and every one of us is an enabler, BUT, i have an opportunity to buy a particular bag that ive been lusting over for awhile for half price (around $650ish). the seventies satchel in indigo! :love: i just recently purchased a light grey multipocket BNWT from eBay. if i didnt just buy that bag, i could've done the charge send for the satchel tonight. ive got the bag on hold - for a full 24 hours - and i just wanted to get some opinions. what do i do?! also, i do not have a credit card (for fear that ill go into debt in a matter of days), so charging it is out of the question. thanks ladies!

    also, its my 1000th post!! i remember my first post like it was yesterday! :drinkup:
  2. ^congrats on your 1000th post!!:yahoo:well, let's see...i wish you could keep both (the enabler in me...sorry!) BUT i think you should pick the bag you really want. i recall that you were looking for that indigo seventies satchel a while back so i think you should get her. it's better for you to grab her while you can than regret not getting her later on. perhaps, you can ask your parents for a loan?? (since you mentioned you don't have a cc) regarding the light grey mp, maybe sell her on eBay, and then pay back your folks? i think it's a great color and i would gladly take it off your hands...except that i just bought my lola:love: good luck tuffcookie!!!
  3. :roflmfao:
    I am not even going to respond to this...


    Is this a rhetorical question???

    :thinking: I say get it and sell whichever one you like the least.
  4. I say get it. You have been looking for one for awhile, and it's such a good price. Congrats on the 1000 posts!
  5. ^ I concur with forenfinal! Since you've been looking for the Seventies Satchel for a while you should get it and sell another MJ that you like the least to fund for it. Good luck! :flowers:
  6. Sounds like you like the seventies satchel better. I would get that one and sell the grey MP (although I loved it on you!).
  7. Get it NOW!
    You wanted this bag for a while now and it's a great price.

    Is there anything else you can sell to raise some cash so you can still hang on to your grey MP?
  8. Why does this always happen? Right when you buy another MJ you like, the one you have been searching for shows up??!! This just happened to me, too.

    If it was a bag that I think would pop up on E-bay on a semi-frequent basis, I'd say wait and just get the 70's satchel later. The problem is that indigo shade is rarer. Have you seen the indigo in person and are you sure you LOVE it? If so, then get the 70's satchel and then decide which one to sell. Or...start looking for other stuff to sell to fund your MJ finds!
  9. the seventies satchel is beautiful and you should get it if you really want it. will you have to sell one of your bags for it though? what about the grey quilted venetia you were considering? will buying this cut into its fund? tough choice. i don't envy you. although there are far more unpleasant choices to make in life. :yes:
  10. I totally concur with the others. Get the satchel and then sell something to fund it! And congrats on 1000 posts!!
  11. The Seventies Satchel is gorgeous... but heavy! :push: If you don't mind carrying a 3lbs 2.5 ounce (empty weight!) bag then go for it!! I'd love to be bag twins with you :p Good luck with your decision!
  12. not sure if ill have to sell one of my bags to buy the seventies satchel. honestly, i dont want to sell any of my bags. i love each and everyone one of them equally. im selling some other odds and ends on eBay right now, so maybe i can use that money.

    since there is an off Saks down the block from my college, i will head over there later on my break and see if they have the bag in stock. if they do, i will put her on hold until tomorrow. i cant pass this deal up...

    the grey quilted venetia. i want this bag in the worst way. it kills me that ill have to pay retail though. she will eventually be mine. i swear, after the seventies satchel, that'll be my next bag!! :biggrin:
  13. Good luck, Jackie!!
  14. the two of your satchels are beautiful melly. i think it was after i saw yours that i really fell in love with this bag :love:
  15. i'll hold you too that. ;)

    it sounds like you really love that satchel. go get it!