should i or shouldn't i?

  1. i'm currently coveting the luella suzi in medium chocolate brown. anyone have it that loves it or hates it?
  2. I love this bag!! It is very utilitarian, but fashionable at the same time. Great tote, with style! Perfect for work as well. Thumbs up!
  3. thanks. i'm looking for something to be wrong with it so i don't spend the money, so close to Christmas!
  4. Do you have a pic of it? I'm not familiar with this bag..
  5. I vote YES for the Suzi.
  6. check the Saks fifth avenue website- they have a photo of it. looks pretty cool, a great shade of brown.
  7. do you have it? have you held it? does it feel as great as it looks?
  8. i totally understand your dilemma. i've been contemplating on a prada bag, i have posted about it in various threads. the money it costs is exactly the amount i have right now, so it'll leave me completely broke and i'd be living on a tight budget in january. i don't know what to do!!! it's so amazing but it's so much money!!
    help :cry:
  9. go for the purse and eat ramen noodles this month!
  10. Make your own salads too!!! Go for it thats what a budget is all about!