Should I or shouldn't I?...

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  1. eh, i'd pass 'em up. they're not making me jump up and down or anything, and i don't think white shoes are really necessary.
  2. Personally, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on white shoes.
  3. wow! before I even clicked on your link I was certain I'd say buy them!! but having seen them, I have to agree with Amanda they're not making my jump up & down or anything. Personally, I'd skip them but if you want to treat yourself to some fab new Manolos (& who wouldn't!) I'd go for something either more gorgeously fabulous & unusual or more classic & wearable than these.
  4. Thanks! I'll pass then. I'll wait for something really special. I have one pair of Manolos and one pair of Choos, and both make quite a statement. :yes: I think that's probably a good philosophy to live by.
  5. Absolutely! If you aren't sure they you shouldn't do it. I only buy things that I utterly fall in love with