Should I or Shouldn't I

  1. I love Bbag accessories even though I have too many right now!:p My question is: I have a black coin purse and have a chance to get an anthra coin purse. Should I get the anthra or is it too close in color to the black one I have?
  2. IMO I think that it is too close, but if it is something that you need/want then go for it.
  3. If you think there's a chance it might be too close in color, maybe you should wait for something else?
    Or the other hand, you could always sell the black one, and then keep the anthra (which I think is just a gorgeous color!)
  4. M- i would say no, because they're too close. but as Moi said, you can always get it then sell the black one.
  5. I agree with the others......they're too close and you probably would end up having a favorite and only use the one. However, the anthra one will probably have really great leather, so maybe you should get it and sell the black.
  6. I would get it.
  7. I'm torn because I really like the coin purses and my black has AMAZING leather. I just don't know if I should wait for a totally different color and if I just want it because it's available.:p I'm so bad about liking something and getting it just because it's there...that's why I have so much and I'm having to weed out now! Thanks for everyone's help!:flowers:
  8. If your black has amazing leather then pass on the anthracite. Wait for something totally different.
  9. Honestly, i will not get that as it is too close too black.....:smile:
  10. I wouldn't ... too close to black imo
  11. i would get rid of the black and get the anthra coin purse because at least the anthra is alittle interesting with the different color variations it has...the black is boring at least to me especially if it's for a coin's just opinion though.

    when I decided that i wanted to collect coin purses I decided to choose all the fun and bright colors in small accessories only because it'd be alot more fun/colorful/cheerful and bright accessory inside my I'd go for anything besides black and white but that's just me :p
  12. get the anthra one and sell the black one =)
  13. I love anthracite, but I would hold off and wait for something very different.
  14. It is too close. But if you do not have to worry about blowing your budget, then go ahead and get it. There is nothing wrong in keeping a spare just in case something happens with your old one.
  15. do it do it do it!!! I'd just get it! I love Balenciaga, so just do it for the LOVE! hehe!