should i or shouldn't i?

  1. so... i got bag fever last week and bought a black/original print BV and angioletto (which was missing the strap) off EVIL-bay. I got them yesterday, and now don't really want them anymore, lol. But I *REALLY* want an Adios Zucca. Which I found for a really good below retail price on eBay.

    Should I try and sell the BV and angioletto first & justify my purchase of the Zucca that way? Or should I buy the zucca first & then worry about getting rid of the other 2 things later?
    OR... should i hold onto both AND get the Zucca?? :nuts:
    (don't encourage me you crazy coo-coo bag junkies! :p)
  2. I'd definitely get the zucca and then worry about selling the other two items. If you're not going to use the other two, don't keep them. But if you can't live without them, then keep it all. What kind of angioletto did you get??
  3. It was also a black/original print...

    ooo! i just thought of another option - should I just wait till the Adios collection goes on sale & buy the Amore Stellina I've been dreaming about instead? (when I find one, that is!)
  4. Well I think I just saw the adios zucca you're talking about and if so, I think it's a great one with an awesome print placement. If you wait until they go on sale you might not be so lucky with the print placement...then again you might just never know :shrugs: . Can you get the adios zucca and then order an amore stellina from Pulse - wait, are they still having a sale or not?
  5. how much did you get that angioletto for? :smile:
    i've been searching for one on eBay but i don't see any
  6. Both bags came in one auction - it was touted as a "makeup/cosmetic bag" , and not even called "angioletto" in the auction - I won the 2 items for $142 + shipping. I am planning on selling it tho & am considering all reasonable offers just because I want to get rid of it. but it doesn't have the wrist strap. I guess you can use the ball chain as a strap or make your own strap or take one off a portatelefono?
  7. oh boy, to top it all off, i just remembered that the SA from the southhampton outlet wrote back to let me know they had a paradiso dolce in stock, which i was ALSO eyeing - but i am watching one on eBay with my dream print placement, and waiting to see if I can get that one instead. Geez, I can only imagine if I get the dolce AND the zucca... on top of the BV and the angio.. AND my pirata denaro that I bought friday... my BF is gonna kill me!! :sweatdrop:

    why does this stuff have to be so enticing??
  8. I don't know this stuff is addicting...and I'm not quite sure why. It sure is fun to buy but not as much fun to pay for it. My BF buys me all my toki but then about a month ago I went on a caramella/angioletto spree and bought a gazillion of each - okay not a gazillion but it seemed like it at the was 7 caramellas & 2 angiolettos and I put them on my own cc...when I got the bill I was :shocked: :shocked: it all adds up pretty fast. If you're shopping at the outlet at least you're getting a discount, and then I find it to be worth the $$$. :graucho:
  9. It was half a gazillion!!
  10. Yeah but now I gotta pay c.c. interest which kind of kills my "good deals"!
  11. Tell me about it both my cc bills have arrived this month! :wtf: No more spending spree. :crybaby:
  12.'re was a half a gazillion!! :lol:

    Annie - the cc interest does kinda put a damper on the good deals. :sad: I put all my deals from last month on one card and yesterday I went down and paid the balance so I feel better about those b/c they are actually deals :yahoo:

    Blackwidow- No more spending spree for me. My other cc has all my bf's birthday gifts on it and unfortunately I can't pay that one off in one trip to the bank :sad: . It all adds up so quick, doesn't it??
  13. Ugh! Yes it adds up too quick! I still need to get my hubby his b-day gift and I was going to take him out this weekend. :cry:
  14. I wouldn't wait to long for the adios zucca as no one really sells them. The chances of finding an adios star zucca on sale will be pretty slim unless you wait for the outlet to get them. Adios star is one of those prints that you want to pick out yourself.
  15. thats true... and i guess even if i DID find my dream print on the shelf at the outlet, they take yours & bring you one from the back anyway :sad: