Should I or shouldn't I?

  1. Sell my Isabella Fiore Audra for a speedy? I have the original one and I love it :love: to death but I haven't used it much since I've gotten it a couple months ago. I think I used it for a week and it's been packed away in my closet.

    I really want to invest in a speedy and a LV wallet and the money from the Audra would help.

    What should I do? Any comments, suggestions would gladly be appreciated!

    I know a lot of you understand...
  2. First, do you want a handheld bag? If so and you find you aren't using the Audra then sell it! But make sure that you are ok with letting the Audra go since you did say you love it to it's very hard to find the original Audras anymore. The newer ones aren't half as nice.
  3. It's so hard to decide!:wondering Anymore suggestions guys?
  4. Im a speedy 30 owner and lover. I say go speedy!
  5. Depends on if you're more a user or collector.. If you lean more toward the former, then sell the Audra and get the Speedy and wallet. Otherwise, I'd keep the Audra. It's a gorgeous bag! Perhaps there is another bag instead of the Audra you could sell?
  6. hi ya
    i own a speedy 30 and i totally love it! but i dont want you selling your Audra and regretting it.... don't forget that LV Speedy (whatever size you get) will be around forever!
    Best option is = save those pennies and get a Speedy and keep your Audra... i mean in the Marketplace - i think theres anyways at least ONE speedy for sale :smile:
    i hope i havent confused the situation more! good luck
  7. If you love it, maybe you could save for the Speedy and have both. . .?
  8. Thanks guys for your input! I really do appreciate it. I just want the speedy so bad I just can't wait! I will think it over b/c I love both and would love to have both:biggrin:
  9. I sold my Audra (also original) a few months back. I never used it. Loved it, but never used it.

    I regretted it for a long time...still do. :cry: If I had the chance to do it over again, I would hold on to it for a while and think about it.

    Good luck!
  10. Keep your Audra and save for the Speedy.
  11. I just bought an Audra Flashback Hobo. I haven't gotten it yet and hope I like it as much as I think I do. I'm not into LV at all (ducking and hiding) but I like the classsic leather Hobo style of the Audra. Is there something you don't like about the Audra?
  12. No, I like everything about it! I just haven't used it and thought I could sell it to contribute it to my speedy fund.
  13. From everyone's responses, I may just save up and sell some other bags to get the money to buy my speedy. I don't want to regret selling my audra that is why it's so tough to decide.

    There are so many bags out there to buy so little money:sad2:

    Thanks all!
  14. I'm glad you made the decision to save for a Speedy. You don't want to give up something that you might regret later. Good luck!
  15. I think you are making the best decision. The Audra is a beautiful purse and I would hate you to regret selling it. Soon, you will have two fabulous purses! :biggrin: