Should I or Shouldn't I?? Which one??

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  1. I'm technically on a ban, but saw these bags, and thought, they are like 'lil white lies :graucho:! u know, won't really hurt if I got one of these bags... They are at $300 each, which is practically a 'lil white lie:angel:. Which do u think is better? The white or the black bag? The white bag also comes in light tan, and reminds me of a BV bag I've been wanting, minus $1K! What do you think? or should I stick to the band and pass on these? TIA!!!!!!!!!!
    104121_1_1.jpg white.jpg
  2. Hmm what brand of bags are these?
  3. Betsey Johnson and Cole Haan. So.. which one???
  4. I like the black one!! I love betsey johnson, she was my first intro into "real" fashion. I say get it but if that is gonna be 300 off of a bag you really want then dont. You will be sad iif it could have gotten you closer to your dream bag!
  5. I like the black one, especially the combo of the gold hardware with the black leather. The white one is a little too girly for me.
  6. That black one is fabulous.
  7. I saw the black one at bloomies yesterday the leather is very hard.
  8. black...i dont really like the white much.
  9. I don't think either of those is worth breaking a ban for. Sorry, just being honest :shame:
  10. I agree with Claire. I'm not really wild on either but if I had to go with one it would be the black.
  11. They're cute, but if you're on a ban...wait until something more classic comes along!
  12. I agree!!!
  13. I wouldn't get either at $300. Maybe if they were on sale, I'd choose the white one any day.
  14. I like the black one a lot. I think white usually should be reserved to larger bags (or if you're me, just YSL bags LOL)
  15. I like the black much better. White bags just don't do it for me!