Should I or Shouldn't I? Pics!

  1. I contacted my local chi breeder and she has a 4 week old girl which will be available in 6 weeks...

    What do you think of how she will look as an adult?

    Thanks for any opinions!
    P1030335.jpg P1030337.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

  3. :nuts::nuts: How in the world can you say no to that little face!? :love::love::love::love:Without a doubt, go get her! So precious!!!
  4. She's so adorable :love: I'm sure she'll be just as cute as an adult too!
  5. If you have to ask, then perhaps you shouldn't..?? I strongly believe you will know when the baby is the right one for you!
  6. Way too cute!!!!
  7. She is such a cutie! Get her!
  8. I know I definitely would have to bring her home with me and love her forever.
  9. If you are concerned what she will look like as an adult. Why not adopt an adult dog?

    But she sure is a cutie.
  10. OMG!! What a little darling. I want her.
  11. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! So friggin cute! Go for it, but if you have ANY doubts, don't. You need to be in LOVE with her as an adult whether she stays the same solor or turns purple :nuts: j/k about the all seriousness, she is a beautiful pup.
    As long as you are 150% confident with the breeder and your personal love/want for your new fur baby, then go for it!

    As far as how she will look as an adult it is SO hard to say. Sometimes they stay the exact same color and other times, they will "blow" their puppy coat to reveal a much lighter or darker color.

    Just ask the breeder regarding her coloring, if they know her entire genetic history (which they should know numerous generations back if they are a reputable breeder) and they should be able to give you a fairly accurate assumption on her looks as an adult, keep us posted!

    Are you also referring to her size as an adult?? If so, she looks like a larger Chi if she is only 4 weeks old (I am by no means an expert tho, I just have two Chis myself :smile:
  12. :love::love::love:

    If it were me, I wouldn't even have to ask :love:

    But if you're in doubt, wait. The right dog will come along :flowers:
  13. The breeder said her coat is called red/tan so I thought it might get darker? I'm not really an expert on how their puppy coloring affects their adult coloring.

    Trust me it's not that I dont find her adorable- I FIND THEM ALL ADORABLE and want to take ALL OF THEM HOME! I have a few weeks to decide if she is the right one for us.

    Plus the breeder said her mum had to have a cesear because her pelvis was too small and she would be the same. That's a little bit scary isnt it?

  14. ahhhhh OMG!!!!! Shes soooooo cute!! How can you say no, shes sooooo adorable!!! :nuts::heart::drool:
  15. adorable!!!