Should I or shouldn't I?? Help!

  1. I recently fell in love with the CC Skye black double wrap bracelet as seen on Nicole Richie but the cheapest I've seen it is $200 USD.

    Should I get it?? Is it worth it or is it just a passing trend? And to those who have it, how's the quality??

  2. I think I saw it at for more, and they are a retailer of cc skye, so get the 200$ one! And don't forget to post pics for us! ;)
  3. I really want this too but somebody told me its not worth the full price because its just gold plated. I dunno. I do love it though.

    Sorry, not very helpful was i? x
  4. I think its cute, but I do think its a little trendy. If you like it and you think you'll continue to wear it no matter the trend, I say go for it. Post pics if you get it!