should i or shouldn't i? Grand Shopping Tote

  1. There is a black w/silver GST available for 1300.00 and it seems to be authentic...from what i can tell, it is in mint condition...Is this a good price for this bag? I know it retails for 1750.00 now with the price increase...
  2. Yikes..... cheating on H???
  3. i wish! if only i could afford an H right now heart belongs to H but until I can afford the one I really love, i'll have to find other little luxuries to satisfy my cravings :smile: if it helps, i want to tie my twillys and pocket squares onto this tote to remind me of my true love :smile:
  4. Just pulling your leg. I love Chanel too! The reissue is still one of my fav bags.
  5. Considering the recent price increases and difficulty in finding, if the quality is good and the seller reputable, I would say yes.
  6. It just sold! Are you the lucky buyer?
  7. Don't be sad.... here is a H garden party for the same price and a Bolide :love: for $200 more....

    Imagine your twillys on these
  8. it was me lol!!:yahoo: i was eBay happy and just decided to go for it...hope i did the right thing
  9. Congrats!!!!!
  10. thanks rose for the H eye candy :smile: I think I will get the Garden Party for a diaper bag perhaps..but prob hold out for the leather one with the twilly :smile:
  11. You definately did the right thing! Congrats on the new bag! :party:
    I just got one w/ Gold H/w, I cant wait to receive it.
  12. sorry I am just getting here! I got your PM and it looks authentic to me! Congrats!
    You'll LOVE this bag!
  13. Just read it!!!!:yahoo: Congrats....I am so glad you got it, enjoy!
  14. pics when you get it!!!
  15. Congrats, great choice!!