should I or should I not?

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  1. and can somebody id the color please (silly me didn't check the tag, although this is a fw color right? I think I saw the mini version of this somewhere here...)




  2. sorry i cannot answer you the color, I just want to stop by and say that for a guy, this looks absolutely adorable & cute on you! (apologize in advance if this wasn't you tho!):biggrin::biggrin:

    But back to your question, the middle part looks like the terracotta to me but again, i am not sure!
  3. THANKS:hugs:! this is me at 6'... I'm kinda liking the idea that because of its size I will only carry in it my cell, wallet, car key, cig :shame: and alcogel...

    yes, probably terracotta, the handles I'm sure is burgundy...
  4. WOW the Nano looks a lot better than the Mini IMO! And this would be my favorite combo I'd say for Nano (not so much for the Mini tho, the big chunk of Mini in Terracotta is too much for me!), I'm really not a tri-color person for luggage, but somehow this color matching is brilliant!
    It's got the perfect balance between the burgundy and terracotta

    The interesting thing is that maybe because you wore it cross body bringing the bag higher up to your body, it doesn't seem as tiny as wearing it on the side where it drops to the thigh level. I always wear it on one side, never thought of wearing cross body, but I might as well do it now!! LOL
  5. I'm a guy and 6 foot also and just starting to break into Celine - this makes me want to get a Nano - thanks for modeling!!! Is the strap adjustable on the Nano? Is that as long as it will go?
  6. As far as I know it's fixed at this length... wasn't able to confirm as the strap was still wrapped in plastic
  7. I simply can't do the over-the-shoulder thing as it keeps falling off! (but I'm trying my best to develop my shoulders though :roflmfao: )

    Seriously though, tried it over the side but the crossbody thing looks better on me...
  8. Hey guy, go for it, you will regret if u not. It seems to be the new winter collection and it is hard to find luggage anywhere around the world, they vanish within minutes on arrival to shop
  9. I know right? posted this here as soon as I got home yesterday to see what you guys think... I know I have to make a decision today or for sure it will be gone (that is if they haven't sold it yet! :faint: )
  10. Really wonder if it is still in the shop now. Anyway, listen to your heart. I never regret buying my 3 luggages.

  11. unfortunately the drawback of the nano is that you simply cannot adjust the strap! Otherwise we'll all be living in a perfect world!!
  12. im a little late to this but i hope you ended up going for it! i love the color of the bag and the nano looks really great on you. great mod pics.