Should I or Should I not??

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  1. i have been wanting a carly since they came out with brass/khaki/beet
    but after reading the cons on the corners fraying it stalled me
    for a while BUT after seeing ALL the gorgeous carlys such as LAtiero's
    and brutalangel's..i've got to re-thinking it again :yes:...

    so,the question now will this colour be around any longer coz i was
    thinking to get it for me AFTER i have lost some a kind of
    encouragement :p..OR should i just get it now,regret later and
    re-sell it?

    arghhhh decision,decision :s
  2. Good question. It's always a risk.. you could call JAX and ask how many they have. What does that mean get it now, regret later and re-sell it mean? :shrug: Does that mean that you will regret it if you buy it now? If you can afford it now, I would probably get it now (or wait til' pce which is coming up in just a couple of weeks) and you can always not wear it as incentive to lose weight. :yes:
  3. If the corners do fray, that would be an instant turn-off for me. That's for the signature fabric? Maybe get a leather carly!
  4. no JAX for not in the US ;)
    but i do have a friend there who can get it for me..
    regret it in the sense that i only want to purchase it
    because for the past few days i only see the carlys
    being posted here :confused1:

    but my oh my carlys just look too good to pass on..
  5. that is my concern too..
    im not into the leather carly.i think it looks so much better in sig..
    oh god i need to re-consider again :push:
  6. The corners fraying might be an issue... but if you know about it before, you can always be sure to be extra careful. You can try to hang the bag whenever you need to put it down, and take other measures as needed... I'd say go for it!

  7. Gotcha' ;) As far as the fraying, it has happened to a lot of Carlys, but considering how many they sell.. there are a ton that have had no issues. :okay: Another thing is Coach stands behind it so if it ever did fray, you send it in and they will give you a full merchandise credit including tax for the price of the bag if they cannot repair it. :tup: As far as the Carly, I have one and I adore it.. but if you are only buying it because other people on here have been posting their photos, really think about it and make sure it is something that YOU want and will wear. I would not let the fraying stop you though. ;)
  8. I know that you can't order directly from JAX, but seeing you have a friend here in the US who can get a Carly for you, I thought I'd call JAX just to see what they have. The medium Carly in khaki/beet is currently backordered and will be replenished on 3/27; the large Carly in khaki/beet is also on backorder and will be replenished on 3/4. So, it sounds like there will be some more available next month and into the future!
  9. thank u for all the suggestions n supports!
    TPFers are the best!!:tup:
  10. thank u for the info mokoni!
    will ask her to check on this..
    if more khaki/beet will be replenished in march
    then maybe il purchase it next month!:yahoo:
  11. That probably works in your favor then... I would order one during PCE and save the 25% :tup:
  12. I don't mean to be an enabler or a devils, but I think if you really love this bag, and will regret not getting it, you should get it now, caz it's more of a fallish color (can still be used in summer/spring) because it came out in the fall, and I'm not sure what is coming out for summer, but you never know.....if you are going to buy it anyway, you may want to buy it now while it's still available. You will always have more bags to use as incentives to lose weight.:yes:

    *just a side note, I am trying to lose weight also. You and I can go to the Heath and Fitness sub-forum and try to lose it together or something....or you can PM me! We can encourge each other if you like!:flowers:

    Edit: oh, and I wanted to add, I have three carlys (two large and one medium) and I wear them quite often, and I haven't had any problems with fraying:tup:, so I don't think you will have to worry about that much.